Border games: Has Spain found an answer to the populist challenge on migration? (ECFR)

  • Spain, and Europe, need a new story about migration – there is some recognition of this in Spain but it remains to be seen how the country will put this into practice.
  • Spaniards are relatively open towards migration, but the policy challenge for their government should be to allay, and not provoke, fears of migrant invasion.
  • The Spanish government has called for reform of the EU asylum system, favouring solidarity and shared responsibility as opposed to simply stopping ‘secondary movements’.
  • Spain’s migration diplomacy aspires to work with origin and transit countries rather than acting in a coercive way towards them.
  • The Spanish experience should inform EU member states’ efforts to seek to answers to the populist challenge: they should enact comprehensive, planned, and proactive policies that see migration as normal and necessary.

Shoshana Fine José Ignacio Torreblanca

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