Engaging with India’s Electrification Agenda: Powering Assam (CSIS)

  • Assam has raised the rate of electricity access from 45 percent in 2015 to 100 percent in 2019 through a combination of state and central government efforts.
  • Assam is meeting its target for reducing technical and commercial losses from its utility.
  • The state is developing a variety of power generation sources and fuels, including coal, natural gas, solar power, and alternative transport and cooking fuels.
  • Assam has a strong need for increased workforce capacity, particularly to conduct maintenance and operations of its system.
  • If the Assam Energy Development Agency can access additional funding, its staff would like to conduct micro-hydropower technology research and develop a centralized system for collecting and monitoring data from distributed solar power generation.


Stephen Naimoli, Kartikeya Singh

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