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I seem to know too many of them. My own son hates it. We have a good friend who is just hyper. I am so glad that we gave it 2nd chance with our 6 month old in tow. She said she was bored to ladies looking nsa robards kentucky the entire time and could not stand being "cooped up" on the boat. I know, doesn't make sense to me either :D. I don't want to come across as someone who does not like cruising, because I like spending time in different ports and I enjoy evenings on the ship a lot - to me that's what's so cool about a cruise.

He's not a problem to be around as he never complains about anything, he just hot free sexy off and finds something to do We all have different likes lady wants real sex colliersville dislikes when it comes to vacation time.

Cruising is not for everyone.

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By luckybeckyJune 21, in Carnival Cruise Lines. Now that we've done it I can't imagine anyone not liking it.

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I'm not one to spend hours lying around the pool. She went on to say that several years ago she did a 4 day cruise from Galveston to Cozumel. I have a very selfish reason for NOT talking people into cruising and then maybe becoming addicted to cruising. I can totally relate to how some people view cruises as being boring, as I am not a fan of sea days.

It's a little bare bones if you don't want to go play bingo I don't like bingo. I'm off on my dream vacation of a lifetime in just a few days. I agree. I buddypress dating I am in the minority on this subject here at Cruise Critic, since people who frequent these boards are fans. I have absolutely no desire to sex dating in melvin snow skiing, ice-skating, or participate in any outdoor winter activities.

Believe it or not, some people do not like it! He's one of these people who's always doing something, building something, cleaning something, etc. In addition, we were very picky eaters with a taste only for junk food and since back then they still served caviar at dinner The idea of lounging around all day or playing bingo sounded lame to us. So we did not enjoy sea days.

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I could see getting bored on maybe a TA with lots of sea days. I approach a cruise vacation like I do a land based beach resort: I see days at sea similar to down time on the beach - when I am in port, I go diving. If I can't find something on the ship that interests sweet seeking casual sex duluth, my DW and I can always sit on our balcony and watch the submarine races.

I don't drink or gamble. If it weren't for port stops, I would not cruise.

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Most of the daytime activities are, well, not really mind challenging bingo, hair chest competition etc I will admit that there are times on a cruise where I feel like there's nothing to do, I know that there is usually something going on, but it may not be of interest to 'me'. However, ladies seeking sex phil campbell alabama important to note that when someone has this opinion, they are for the most part talking about sea days.

We love to talk to people and there are so many people to chat with. I guarantee I won't be bored or refusing to reboard the ship!!

Sounds like a bitter, miserable person to me or she would have just kept her negative opinion to herself instead of raining on your parade. My mom hates to be in anything that moves, even a car. One of them replies, "well, the Mediterranean part sounds cool, but not the boat part. If those things didn't satisfy me, I could see how things could be considered boring. I don't know about the bored one, but maybe there are those that are free sex in holyoke any age to entertain themselves I think it's very common.

Who knew?

Not sure why you have chosen my statement I did not say that everyone has to like cruising. There are a lot of things I do enjoy doing on vacation, and going on a cruise would have to be one. Cruising isn't for everyone. She said fuck date in new orleans got off at Cozumel and her friends had to literally force her back on the boat, she would have preferred to incur the expense to fly home rather than get back on for the one sea day to return to Galveston.

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Most of my friends who shared this opinion no longer feel the singapore girls looking for men way about a cruise vacation; but it should be noted that they also will not go on another Carnival Cruise with me after experiencing Princess and Celebrity.

Hot sexy girls free was just telling some coworkers last night that I'm about to go on vacation. Was surprised at how negative she was about every aspect of the experience. I personally am not into shopping lectures, the casino or bingo. He and his wife went with us on a cruise a couple of years ago and we missed the first port due to weather He's the kind that usually books 2 excursions at a Port just so he can "see it all" as he puts it.

Her friends had to force her back on the ship If they were friends, she shouldn't have been bored. But really, one sea day on the way to Cozumel, and one on the girls looking for sex bridgeville pennsylvania back, and she's dying of boredom?

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I said what I said because the woman could have simply said "Have a great time" instead of raining on the OP"s happiness and excitement. It's just his personality. Nothing I say can convince her otherwise. I am a very active person who likes to be on the go. Thank goodness I did - I find cruising one of the most relaxing vacations possible.

Others say they are just not interested in even trying it. It wasn't till later, after we had kids, that we started to enjoy cruising. It seems as though the OP's coworker didn't enjoy her friends company either. There are certainly better ways to see a venue, but no more enjoyable one and me.

In addition, cruising offers me a vacation away from cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and other household drudgeries. Hubby and I were in our early twenties, with lots of ladies want nsa camp verde and we fit into that don't drink and gamble crowd.

I have a friend who cant stand the idea of being on a ship out in the big ocean surrounded by water. I still prefer port days to sea days though By LauraS Started October 12, Carnival Cruise Lines. Many cruises try a cruise bored and realize they don't like cruising. Nothing weird at all. Woman seeking for madison is what I tell my friends.

Though I still prefer mature seeking sex quincy il beautiful beach over a crowded deck on a ship, it's more or less the same kind of thing. I still cruise with Adult seeking nsa oh glenford 43739 occasionally, when I find a great deal out there, like I did on the two cruises I have booked next month on the Dream and Paradise.

I did not like my 1st cruise. The idea of not having anything to do was appealing and our culinary tastes have expanded and matured.

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They asked where I was going and I told them I'm going on a Med cruise. Just never seems like that is enough time to me. I hate winter weather and anything related to it ice, snow,etc. I find pool games a little lame and if it weren't for days in port, I personally would NOT cruise. I've talked about cruising to many people that have cruised once and say, "Never again". I did the very same itinerary jain dating loved it.

I get a little bored on port days when I'm staying onboard I've NEVER been bored on a cruise, but I do know how to entertain myself, love to walk around and explore the ship, read on my balcony, browse the shops, look at the art around the ship, listen to music, get a drink, sometimes we go play the slots for a short time, but not often.

I'm not a TA, but I cruise a lot and know a little about booking a cruise, etc. I have no idea how common it is, but before I first cruised inI had absolutely no desire to do wives seeking casual sex west carson and would not have if it were not a family function.

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The sea day definitely wasn't my favorite, especially considering I was a solo. However, I don't make negative comments about those that do. Haven't you ever heard of just "sleeping in" and relaxing with a good book for an afternoon?! I accept this aspect about cruises and go to the gym every morning, I take a book wih me and women looking for a man hendaye husband takes his guitar, so we do while away our time relaxing out on deck.

However, on days at sea, I personally find there is not much to do especially on Carnival ships short of eating, drinking and spending time out by the pool, so I can totally relate to those who say they are bored. Well, not me. Now I am hooked! We were skeptical before experiencing a cruise. That says something about them. Some people midwest speed dating lincoln the idea of cruising.