Is the Fed Playing Politics? (Kenneth Rogoff, Project-Syndicate)

In his recent debate with his opponent Hillary Clinton, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pressed his claim that US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is politically motivated. The Fed, Trump claims, is applying overdoses of monetary stimulus to hypnotize voters into believing that economic recovery is underway.

The West on the Brink (Joschka Fischer, Project-Syndicate)

This year and next, voters in leading Western democracies will make decisions that could fundamentally change the West – and the world – as we have known it for decades. In fact, some of these decisions have already been made, the main example being the United Kingdom’s vote in June to leave the European Union.

Greece: Afghan refugees in Elliniko face camp closure (Preethi Nallu, Dylan Collins, Al Jazeera)

As EU prepares for Brussels Afghanistan conference, Afghan refugees weigh returning to homeland consumed by violence.

White Lives Matter: A new US hate group shows its face (Patrick Strickland, Al Jazeera)

Protest group argues that white Americans are enduring “genocide” at the hands of immigrants and interracial marriage.