Une autre histoire de la “crise des réfugiés” – La réinstallation dans les petites villes et les zones rurales en France (IFRI)

Depuis 2015, les programmes de réinstallation des réfugiés ont connu une progression importante en Europe au point de devenir un élément central de la stratégie européenne d’asile. En 2017, le président de la République a pris l’engagement de réinstaller 10000 réfugiés en France d’ici la fin de l’année 2019. Ces réfugiés syriens et d’Afrique subsaharienne sont de plus en plus accueillis dans des petites villes et des zones rurales.


Matthieu TARDIS

Cybersecurity by Design in Civil Nuclear Power Plants (Chatham House)

Cyberattacks are increasingly challenging critical national infrastructure. This paper considers the security by design approach for civil nuclear power plants and analyses areas of risk and opportunities for the nuclear industry.


Dr Beyza Unal, Roger Brunt

Will It Be Another Summer of Discontent in Iraq? (Chatham House)

Many Iraqis feel that protest is the only voice they have left. They view the formal political and electoral process as just reinforcing the same elites who have repeatedly failed them since the US invasion of 2003 that toppled Saddam Hussein.


Dr Renad Mansour

Leadership in the 21st Century: Jim O’Neill, Chatham House (Chatham House)

Lord O’Neill is currently Chair of Chatham House, the vice-chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership and a member of Shelter Social Housing Commission. He is also a crossbencher in the House of Lords.


Jim O’Neill, Chair, Chatham House
Dr Leslie Vinjamuri, Dean, Queen Elizabeth II Academy, Chatham House

DEBATE: What Is the Future of the Israel-Greece-Cyprus Partnership? (BESA Center)

In 2010, Israel decided to enrich its Eastern Mediterranean strategy by looking for new partners. In so doing, it turned to Greece and Cyprus. Slowly and steadily, the three countries expanded their cooperation and overcame previously held stereotypes about one another. Trilateral summits have provided the basis for important discussions on energy, security, trade, and culture issues. The sixth tripartite summit, which took place in Jerusalem last March, was attended by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. US support for the tripartite relationship could create new possibilities for the future of the Eastern Mediterranean.


Declining US Naval Power Does Not Augur Well for Eurasia (BESA Center)

As US naval power declines, other powers – such as China, Russia, and, to a lesser extent, India and Iran – are set to increase their presence in the world’s naval lanes. Because American power depends on its dominance at sea, Washington’s ability to control Eurasia is coming under increasing pressure.


Barreling Toward a Nuclear and Ballistic Missile Arms Race in the Middle East (BESA Center)

The Middle East is barreling toward a nuclear and ballistic missile arms race. That race is being aided and abetted by a US policy that views the region through the dual prism of the need to stop an aggressive, expansionary, and destabilizing Islamic Republic that seeks to dominate it, and the view of the region as a lucrative market for the US defense and nuclear industry.