Taking a harder line against North Korea (East Asia Forum)

Taking a harder line against North Korea

Kim Jong-un has emerged from the third North–South Korea summit as the clear winner. The summit concluded with easily reversible agreements and insubstantial concessions that hardly promote nuclear disarmament. The United States and South Korea should be firmer in their future dealings with Pyongyang.

Liang Tuang Nah, Nanyang Technological University

Rohingya refugees trapped in limbo (East Asia Forum)

Rohingya refugees trapped in limbo

More than a year after the mass exodus of 700,000 Rohingya refugees from Northern Rakhine State, the prospects for a lasting solution to the crisis are no closer than before. Despite considerable efforts, the Myanmar government has been unable to implement a credible repatriation program, worried that the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) could develop into a more threatening menace.

Trevor Wilson, ANU

Cities on the World Stage: Using the SDGs as a ‘north star’ (Open Canada, Brookings)


This week, we’re looking at the ways in which cities and regions collaborate to push global standards. Part two of three looks at how cities can lead the way when global challenges — such as those identified by the Sustainable Development Goals — feel intractable.