The Way Forward for WTO Dispute Settlement after the Eleventh Ministerial Conference (CIGI)

In December 2017, trade ministers met in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the Eleventh Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO), against the backdrop of crisis in the WTO dispute settlement system. After the meeting achieved only modest outcomes, and none related to dispute settlement, the Centre for International Governance Innovation convened a group of experts in Ottawa for a round table discussion of the way forward to restoring and improving the dispute settlement system.


U.S. Military Forces in FY 2020: Navy (CSIS)

The Navy in FY 2020 reflects the priorities of the department as a whole. It sustains the level of readiness built in the FY 2017-FY 2019 budgets and modernizes by increasing the production of existing ships, aircraft, and munition programs. Unlike the other services, the Navy is significantly expanding its force structure.

The Changing Face of HIV: Addressing Health Needs Across the Life Course (CSIS)

Thanks to sustained political leadership, unprecedented funding from bilateral and multilateral sources, and the adoption of innovative service delivery approaches in the face of a humanitarian crisis, the world has made considerable progress since the early 2000s in arresting the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The Restoration Surge Brings Us Back to Where We Started . . . Well, Almost (CSIS)

Less than three weeks ago (September 14), news that drone and missile strikes had taken down fully half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production rattled international oil markets. The announcement offset, at least temporarily, overarching concerns over fading economic growth and the expanded threat of a U.S.-China trade war and instead focused global attention on the implications of an extended loss of global spare capacity and the impacts of higher oil prices in the event supply could not be restored quickly.

Prospects for Post-ISIS Stabilisation (Chatham House)

The past year has revealed promising signals of renewal in Iraq as the territorial defeat of ISIS was followed by a peaceful transition of power to a newly elected government.

Zena Ali Ahmad, Resident Representative for Iraq, United Nations Development Programme
Raffaella Iodice, Head of Unit, Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development, European Commission
Omar Mohammed, Founder, Mosul Eye 
Chair: Raya Jalabi, Correspondent, Reuters

The Future of Iraq and the Region (Chatham House)

In order to move past the cycle of collapse and revival that has characterized Iraqi governance since 2003, a new approach is needed to forge a system that responds to the needs of the population, and in so doing, tackles the root causes of conflict.

Andrew Peek, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, US Department of State
Abdulaziz Sager, Chairman, Gulf Research Centre
Sanam Vakil, Senior Research Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham House
Chair: Rend al-Rahim, President, Iraq Foundation; Iraqi Ambassador to the United States (2003-05)

The Crisis of Central-Bank Governance (Project-Syndicate)

The European Central Bank may enjoy stronger protection against political pressure than other central banks do, but it also faces unique constraints. The more the ECB is forced to expand its policy remit to meet new economic challenges, the more likely it is to trigger destabilizing political conflicts within the eurozone.

Lucrezia Reichlin, a former director of research at the European Central Bank, is Professor of Economics at the London Business School.

The Logic of Impeachment Does Not Favor Trump (Project-Syndicate)

The view that Donald Trump would welcome an impeachment fight is a product of White House propaganda and bravado. No US president wants to be impeached, because once the process gets underway, there is no knowing how far it might go.

Elizabeth Drew is a Washington-based journalist and the author, most recently, of Washington Journal: Reporting Watergate and Richard Nixon’s Downfall.