Indonesia’s elite divided on China (Emirza Adi Syailendra, East Asia Forum)

The diffuse nature of policymaking in Indonesia discourages its leaders from departing from the country’s status quo policy towards Beijing. The status quo aims to allow Jakarta to have its cake and eat it too — that is, enjoy close relations with Beijing while preserving its strategic autonomy in ASEAN.

Indonesia’s elite divided on China

As threats to Trump mount, allies must uphold the Iran deal by The Interpreter

It’s not every day that a former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, America’s premier law-enforcement body, calls the sitting president of the US “morally unfit” to hold office. Yet that is what James Comey did on Sunday in a wide-ranging interview with ABC News.

Barbara Slavin

Employment as protection: complementary pathways for refugees by The Interpreter

Conflicts in the Middle East and Africa are causing dramatic increases in internally displaced people and refugees across the world. According to estimates from UNHCR for 2016, 10.3 million people were newly displaced by conflict or persecution; 2 million new claims for asylum were lodged; and only 189,300 refugees were resettled – mostly to the US, Canada, and Australia.

Jay Song

Daniel Thambar

Biding time: the G20 Eminent Persons Group on financial governance by The Interpreter

Watchers of international financial markets have focused in recent months on the possible ramifications of an escalating trade war. The World Trade Organisation recently warned that rising trade tensions are impacting business confidence and investment decisions.