Peace at Last for Yemen? (Project-Syndicate)

Ending Yemen’s bloody civil war is critical first and foremost for the country’s long-suffering people. But a peace deal would also serve as a confidence-building step toward stability in the Middle East, and would send a positive signal at a time of increasing international friction and polarization.

Thomas R. Pickering, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs in the Clinton administration, served as US Ambassador to Russia, Israel, India, Jordan, and the United Nations. He is the Vice Chair of Hills & Company. – Malcolm Rifkind is a former Defense Secretary and Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom. – Norbert Röttgen is Chair of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee. – Yang Guang is Director of the Institute for International and Area Studies at Tsinghua University. – Andrey Kortunov is Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council.

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