[TAEF Commentaries 014] The Yushan Forum and Taiwan’s Warm Power (TAEF)

Entering its third year, the 2019 Yushan Forum, centered on “Deepening Progressive Partnerships in Asia,” was attended by 30 ambassadors and foreign representatives from 22 countries. The theme focused on the efforts from governmental sectors and non-governmental organizations as a way to demonstrate multi-faceted results of collaborations and partnerships, specifically through sessions on people-centered development agenda sessions, for example, the importance of “Enhancing Technological and Economic Partnerships” which was closely related to the session on “Building Talent Cultivation Partnerships” and another panel on “Promoting Partnerships in Sustainable Development;” these issues reflect the strategic importance of practical collaboration between Taiwan and its neighbors. The two-day forum, held on October 8-9, attracted over 1,000 participants from 31 countries, including 31 international partners from 13 countries serving as panelists.


Author: Alan H. Yang and Ding Ling Chen

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