It is time to stop FGM (Al Arabiya)

A few weeks ago, my wife mentioned that our door attendant’s 10-year-old daughter, Malak, is scared because her parents had decided to “cut her.” As a professional who works for an organization that opposes all forms of gender based violence including female genital mutilation (FGM), Malak’s story disturbed me and prompted me to speak to her parents, Jumaa and Fatma.

Dr. Luay Shabaneh is the Regional Director for Arab States in UNFPA, the UN agency for sexual and reproductive health

Measuring where the responsibility lies for the climate crisis (Al Arabiya)

A burning question at the heart of the climate crisis is: “Where does the responsibility lie?”

Omar Al-Ubaydli (@omareconomics) is a researcher at Derasat, Bahrain

The arriviste Democrats undermining the values of America’s traditional statecraft (Al Arabiya)

Barely a week after a US Reaper Drone eliminated Iranian Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani and his top Iraqi lieutenant Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes in Baghdad on January 3, US President Donald Trump retweeted an image depicting Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer in Iranian-style headdresses in front of an Iranian flag. The tweet read, “The corrupted Dems trying their best to come to the Ayatollah’s rescue.”

Mamdouh AlMuhaini is the General Manager of Al Arabiya and Al Hadath

Lebanon at a turning point (Al Arabiya)

Endemic and persistent corruption, mismanagement, gross mal-governance, and failure to address Lebanon’s economic, social, and environmental challenges have driven protestors to throng the streets amidst bank closures, payment restrictions, and foreign exchange controls.

By Dr. Nasser Saidi

Hezbollah gets its way with new Lebanese government (Al Arabiya)

Almost a month after being designated Prime Minister by Hezbollah and its allies, Hassan Diab unveiled his 20-member cabinet; to the majority of Lebanese, Diab is an utter disappointment.

By Makram Rabah

Libya’s Haftar moving towards a military victory as Europe pushes for peace (Al Arabiya)

General Khalifa Haftar and the Libya National Army (LNA) is edging ever closer to a military victory in the civil war even as world powers push the warring parties towards peace.

Cyril Widdershoven is a Middle East defense energy analyst and the Director at Verocy B.V., a consultancy based in the Netherlands.

America’s unconventional energy revolution a hard act to follow (Al Arabiya)

Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracking propelled the United States into a state of energy abundance. These technological advances radically transformed the global energy landscape, granting the US the ability to effectively exploit untapped reserves of oil and natural gas. The unconventional energy revolution triggered a series of positive effects on US economy, foreign policy and energy security.

Sultan Althari (@Sultanalthari) is a Masters Candidate in Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies and Student-Affiliate at the Kennedy School’s Middle East Initiative.

Pentagon could start global troop rebalance this year: Esper (Al Arabiya)

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper suggested on Thursday he could be ready to start a highly anticipated global force repositioning this year as part of an effort to refocus the Pentagon on challenges from China and Russia.

No talks with Iraq yet on removing US troops: official (Al Arabiya)

The United States has not yet entered into talks with Iraq on the removal of US troops from the country, as demanded by the Iraqi parliament, a senior US official said Thursday.