Wounded but standing: The unseen Israeli war on Gaza women (Al Arabiya)

How is one to define the term “Hamas operative”?

Even the Israeli government, which coined the term, fails to provide a clear definition. Yet, thousands of Palestinians in Gaza, especially women have been prevented from receiving life-saving treatment in the West Bank because they are allegedly related to a “Hamas operative.”


Ramzy Baroud

John McCain funeral and the significance of political catharsis (Al Arabiya)

Rarely has a runner-up for the US Presidency been accorded the kind of final farewell given to the late Senator John McCain on Saturday (September 1) at the Washington National Cathedral.


C. Uday Bhaskar

Binaa: Developing care mechanisms for detainees (Al Arabiya)

A prison is a highly specific space, with a history of complications. It is one area that not many Arabs wrote about, and which did not receive the academic attention it deserves away from politics and its interferences.


Hassan Al Mustafa

Lebanon’s future cabinet is awaiting an absent entente (Al Arabiya)

The intractable complications hindering the formation of Lebanon’s future cabinet, like those of the country’s problems throughout its political history, are based on ignoring the facts and concealing the causes.


Eyad Abu Shakra

ISIS and the sectarian wars in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon (Al Arabiya)

Responding to the message attributed to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, in which he asked his followers to be patient and promised them close “conquests”, the US army said that Baghdadi is not an important person anymore and that his organization is in its final stages of defeat, adding that his statements no longer receive much attention in Western security circles.


Hazem al-Amin

Saudi Arabia’s foreign files: No to toppling Iran’s Islamism (Al Arabiya)

In the last decade of the shah’s rule in Iran, the Gulf’s unrest had reached its end. When protests heightened in most cities, happiness was apparent on the face of the Gulf. Khomeini was victorious in his return, and after weeks, he was able to rule his country.


Fares bin Hezam

Rouhani’s chance to save the nuclear deal (Al Arabiya)

Negotiating as an option to resolve the political and security crisis between the United States and Iran, put forward by President Donald Trump without any preconditions, shocked everyone, nevertheless it came according to secret data, information and letters, as Abdulrahman Al-Rashed underlined in his article “Trump’s surprise: Negotiating with Rouhani,” especially since Omani mediators are most likely acting behind curtains for fear of the deterioration of security which can affect the stability of shipping in the Strait of Hormuz.


Hassan Al Mustafa