Russian strikes kill eight civilians in Syria’s Idlib: Monitor (Al Arabiya)

Russian air strikes in Syria’s northwestern region of Idlib on Thursday killed eight civilians, including five children, a war monitor said.

Saudi Arabia to host World Economic Forum Middle East Summit (Al Arabiya)

Saudi Arabia will host a World Economic Forum (WEF) “special meeting” on the Middle East in the Fourth Industrial Revolution in April, WEF President Borge Brende announced in Davos.

Abuse of power, obstruction: The charges against Trump explained (Al Arabiya)

The US Senate on Tuesday may begin to hear opening arguments in an impeachment trial to determine whether to remove President Donald Trump from office on charges that he abused his power and obstructed Congress in its investigation of his dealings with Ukraine.
The following explains the two charges, or “articles of impeachment,” approved by the US House of Representatives.


Lebanon will slide into violence unless the elite chooses political reform (Al Arabiya)

Lebanon risks sliding into prolonged chaos and violent conflict unless the political elite manages to update the post-civil war political system based on sectarian power-sharing.

Ryan Bohl (@Ryan_Bohl) is a Middle East and North Africa analyst at Stratfor.

Eight countries support a European-led naval mission in Hormuz: France (Al Arabiya)

A European-led naval mission in the Straits of Hormuz – a vital shipping route for world transport that has been impacted by military tensions in the Middle East – has won more political support from countries, said the French government on Monday.

New gov’t needed urgently to avoid collapse: Lebanon’s Hariri (Al Arabiya)

Lebanon needs to urgently form a new government to get out of a cycle of collapse that has repercussions for the country’s economic and security situation, caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri tweeted on Monday.

EU must consider ways to support ceasefire in Libya: Borrell (Al Arabiya)

The European Union will discuss all ways to uphold a formal ceasefire in Libya if one is reached but any peace settlement will need real EU support to make it hold, the EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell said on Monday.

Lebanon president to chair crisis talks over weekend violence (Al Arabiya)

Lebanon’s under-fire president is set to meet Monday with top security officials to discuss rare violence over the weekend that left hundreds wounded in the protest-hit country.

Khalifa Haftar shows diplomatic skill as Libya conflict sucks in world powers (Al Arabiya)

No one, it seems, was able to reason with Khalifa Haftar. If the idea was for an impressive cast of big hitters to apply enough pressure to bring the 76-year-old Libyan military commander to heel, it didn’t work.