Why Qatar is draining itself (Al Arabiya)


No matter how stubborn they are, I have no doubt that Hamad bin Khalifa and his son are now regretting their actions as all the countries who tried to mediate have let them down. This is because most of the countries are convinced that Qatar sponsors terrorism.

Mohammed Al Shaikh

US mid-terms: Consequences for trade and fiscal policies (Al Arabiya)


Most commentators have been fixated on the political outcome of the forthcoming US mid-term elections and whether President Trump could be impeached or not.

Mohamed A. Ramady

Al-Jaafari: Iraq’s international speaker (Al Arabiya)


As usual, Iraq’s great philosopher Ibrahim al-Eshaiker, popularly known as al-Jaafari, manifested himself this time at the world’s main podium, the UN’s podium during the General Assembly’s annual session.

Mashari Althaydi

Reconciling with Qatar (Al Arabiya)


The affair that wasn’t present during the UN’s annual political season and its activities this year but was present last year is the quartet boycott of Qatar. It seems that we are in a state of harmony and reconciliation with the new reality and an acceptance of the fait accompli.

Abdulrahman al-Rashed


Michelin Stars: From perfection to conspiracy (Al Arabiya)

I usually leave my old friends with a fixed date to take me away from work pressure whenever I visit the countries they live – although our chats always include talk about work.


Turki Aldakhil

The untold story of why Israel wants to demolish Khan al-Ahmar (Al Arabiya)

On September 4, the Israeli High Court of Justice gave the green light for the demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar and of the so-called “rubber tires school”, built by the Italian NGO, Vento di Terra. The school provides educational opportunities for 180 children from the Bedouin village and from adjacent villages as well.


Ramzy Baroud

Iran’s Khomeini: The will of the dead brings death to the living (Al Arabiya)

Khomeini’s will is one of the Iranian regime’s biggest problems as its commitment to it has cost the Iranian people a lot of bloodshed and destruction. This is because the dead leaves a will according to circumstances prevailing at the time of his death, but history is ever changing. Hence committing to Khomeini’s will has resulted in destruction and devastation in the region.


Abdullah bin Bijad Al-Otaibi

What happened in 1979? (Al Arabiya)

What do late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the Russian-Afghan War, famous Chinese reformist leader Deng Xiaoping, Pope John Paul II and the Iranian revolution have in common? It doesn’t really look they have anything in common except perhaps one thing which is: The year 1979.


Mamdouh AlMuhaini

Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of theft (Al Arabiya)

These are the signs of a long crisis when Iran accuses Russia and Saudi Arabia of stealing its share of oil! Iran knows very well that no one stole a barrel from it or from its share. The market has its rules that have not changed since ages ago; the oil market is for those who can sell oil and not those who sit on it.


Abdulrahman al-Rashed

How Pakistan’s Gwadar Port can help Gulf trade connectivity (Al Arabiya)

Offering the shortest and most convenient trade route to Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the deep- sea port of Gwadar in Pakistan also links up China’s large, land-locked province of Xinjiang to the Arabian Sea.


Sabena Siddiqui