False rumors and the future of conflict in Yemen (Mshari Al Thaydi, Al Arabiya)

Every now and then the question of when the war in Yemen will end is raised. There are various concerns that trigger this question. It could be keenness to usher in peace and start a political process to prevent bloodshed and protect people’s lives and property.

JASTA, another nail in the coffin of US-GCC relations (Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, Al Arabiya)

Congress has done the unimaginable by almost unanimously passing a law allowing the families of 9-11 victims to lodge civil cases against Saudi Arabia (and other states) for aiding and abetting terrorism, which flouts all international laws and conventions protecting sovereign states from frivolous lawsuits. The Congress, it seems, has arrogantly rewritten international law in a display of unprecedented arrogance and disrespect for one of its closest allies.

Saudi-Turkish ties amount to a major strategic realignment in the Middle East (John C. Hulsman, Al Arabiya)

If you are dealing with rational actors (which is surely not always the case) global geopolitics is a bit like high math; there are routinized equations – strategic moves on the map – that just make logical, irrefutable sense. The recent visit of the Saudi Crown Prince to Ankara heralds a possibly decisive strategic counter-stroke to rising Iranian adventurism in the Middle East. Enduring, closer Saudi-Turkish ties provide political balance to Iran’s growing ambitions, amounting to nothing less than the nascent formation of a competing strategic bloc in the region.

Following Russia standoff, US needs a Plan B in Syria (Joyce Karam, Al Arabiya)

The US suspension of bilateral contacts with Russia yesterday over the ceasefire talks in Syria should not come as a surprise to anyone and is rather an admission of failure that the September 10 agreement has all but collapsed against the carnage and the war crimes taking place in Aleppo.

Just not surprised at Congress’ act (Khaled Almaeena, Al Arabiya)

September was a very eventful month for Saudi Arabia. The main news was the Justice Against Sponsor of Terrorism Act (JASTA) bill approved overwhelmingly by both the US Senate and the Congress, following the override of President Barack Obama’s veto.

Netanyahu and Abbas: What’s in a speech! (Yossi Mekelberg, Al Arabiya)

One can only wonder what Shimon Peres, who passed away last week, would have thought had he known his funeral would present Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas with the opportunity to shake hands. The handshake did after all take place only a week after both exchanged verbal punches from the United Nations General Assembly’s podium.

Diplomacy alone cannot stop barbarism in Syria (Mohamed Chebarro, Al Arabiya)

The latest sequence of siege, death, and destruction in Aleppo is just another example of an international community that has gone irrelevant, incapable and indolent.

Implications of the growing Iran-Syria economic relations (Majid Rafizadeh, Al Arabiya)

A considerable amount of analysis has been dedicated to Iran’s geopolitical, strategic, and military relationships with the Syrian government apparatuses. Nevertheless, the shifting economic nexus between Tehran and Damascus has been subjected less to scholarly work, policy analysis, or media attention.

Shimon Peres: The passing of an era (Yossi Mekelberg, Al Arabiya)

Today Israel and many others in the world are saying goodbye to the last of its political giants, who was the link between the founders of the State of Israel and the present. It is hard to write about Shimon Peres in the past tense. If there has been someone ever-present in Israeli political life, since its inception, it was him. For nearly seven decades there were symbiotic relations between the man and his country.

The illogical trend of prejudice (Peter Harrison, Al Arabiya)

For me it is hard to see how anyone can explain in any rational way any form of bigotry. It seems to me that this is quite clear – it is illogical to have any disliking for an entire group of people, claiming that they all have some trait that causes a person to hate them all.