How Arab States Take on Coronavirus: Morocco as a Case Study (Al Jazeera Centre for Studies)

Tremendous socio-economic and political challenges are facing Morocco during the Coronavirus crisis. Regardless of the promising signs of a short-term momentum in unity and institutional trust, the institutional weaknesses in the public policy and healthcare system have not disappeared.

Mohammed Issam Laaroussi

Libya’s Zero-Sum Politics and Defiance of Legitimacy – Part 2 (Al Jazeera Centre for Studies)

Foreign manipulation defies the wisdom of envisioning a political settlement of the Libyan conflict. All international diplomatic gestures need to be aligned via the UN platform, with a well-defined trajectory, rather than any zero-game equation or realist calculation.

Mohammed Cherkaoui

Libya’s Zero-Sum Politics and Defiance of Legitimacy – Part 1 (Al Jazeera Centre for Studies)

There has been fluctuation and reconstruction of political legitimacy. Since the summer of 2014, two battles over legitimacy have spoiled Libyan politics and weakened the UN mediation with two rounds of international recognition of one new political institution or another.

Mohammed Cherkaoui

The 3-R Dilemma: Religiosity of Peace, Realism of War, and Regressed Sub-identities in the Middle East [Part 1] (Al Jazeera Centre for Studies)

Mohammed Cherkaoui

The Econ-political Impact of the Gulf Crisis on Sub-Saharan Africa (Thembisa Fakude, Al Jazeera Centre for Studies)

The anti-Qatar Quartet nations have used a number of tactics to solicit support from some Sub-Saharan African countries to join the blockade. They have, in some instances, utilized “deep pocket politics”. However, this approach was a wake-up call for Qatar.

Maghreb: Dream of Unity, Reality of Divisions (Anouar Boukhars, Al Jazeera Centre for Studies)

The dream of Maghrebi integration remains as elusive as ever. It is hard to disagree with those who proclaim that the AMU is just about dead; whereas the five countries of the Maghreb recognize the tantalizing benefits of greater cooperation.

Beyond Tradition and Modernity: Dilemmas of Transformation in Saudi Arabia (Madawi Al-Rasheed, Al Jazeera Centre for Studies)

The narrative depicts Muhammad ben Salman as a modernist conducting social engineering in a conservative society. I argued against such a defunct model and proposed another paradigm based on the mechanism behind consolidating the throne domestically and seeking international recognition.

Trump’s Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal: Security or Economics? (Mohammed Cherkaoui, Al Jazeera Centre for Studies)

The Trans-Atlantic alliance has come to a decisive intersection in the politics of preventing a nuclear Iran, whereas Europeans are not receptive of Trump’s threats of sanctions against their multi-billion contracts with Tehran. However, there is a third possible scenario.