Amid the coronavirus, bailing out mosques is essential (Al Jazeera)

Workers prepare shrouds to wrap bodies in the Central Jamia Mosque Ghamkol Sharif, which is currently being used as a temporary morgue in Birmingham, UK, April 21, 2020 [Carl Recine/Reuters]

Mosques provide important community services that are needed now more than ever, but many may not survive without help

Harris Iqbal is CEO of Penny Appeal, an international humanitarian charity headquartered in the UK

My first lockdown was during the first Intifada (Al Jazeera)

Living under a lockdown in Europe has brought back memories of my childhood in Gaza during the Palestinian uprising

Majed Abusalama is an award winning journalist, scholar, campaigner and human rights defender from Palestine


South Asian migrants held for ransom, abused in North Macedonia (Al Jazeera)

Four suspects charged over exploitation of group of 12 migrants, who they physically attacked and fed only once a day.