What next for the DR Congo after the disputed election? (Al Jazeera)

The controversial outcome of the December 30 election could still mark an opportunity for strengthening DRC’s democracy.


Patrick Litanga is a PhD candidate in International Relations at American University in Washington DC.

McJesus in Palestine: Using bad art to whitewash Israel’s crimes (Al Jazeera)

On how a Finnish artist’s irreverent artworks helped Israel conceal its ongoing oppression of Palestinian Christians.


Jamil Khader is professor of English and dean of research at Bethlehem University, Palestine.

What three Cairo speeches tell us about US foreign policy (Al Jazeera)

Condoleezza Rice, Barack Obama and Mike Pompeo have all spoken in Cairo to promote their failed Middle East policies.

Joe Macaron is a fellow at the Arab Center Washington DC.

Denationalisation: A punishment reserved for Muslims (Al Jazeera)

Recent examples of expatriation practices in the UK and Australia demonstrate a glaring anti-Muslim bias.


Azeezah Kanji (JD, LLM in Islamic Law) is a legal academic and writer based in Toronto.

Bolsonaro and the Israeli-Iranian rivalry in South America (Al Jazeera)

The new right-wing presidency in Brazil will likely hurt Iranian interests in South America.


Maysam Behravesh is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at Lund University, Sweden.

Why did the UAE and Bahrain re-open their embassies in Syria? (Al Jazeera)

The official justification that the embassies were opened to counter Iranian influence is hardly believable.


Dr Ali Bakeer is an Ankara-based political analyst and researcher.

The United States and Saudi Arabia: Troubled times ahead? (Al Jazeera)

2019 could mark the beginning of a new era in US-Saudi relations shaped not by the president but Congress.

Steven Wright is Associate Professor at Hamad bin Khalifa University in Qatar

Why is Netflix enabling the Saudi crackdown on press freedom? (Al Jazeera)

Netflix’s decision to take down an episode of Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act show sets a bad precedent.

Courtney C Radsch is the advocacy director at the Committee to Protect Journalists