Sudan: All security agencies that attacked protesters must be held to account (Amnesty International)

An Amnesty International investigation has found that Sudan’s crackdown on protests against the government of deposed President Omar al-Bashir in 2018 and 2019 involved all branches of the country’s security forces and revealed new evidence about how protesters were killed.

MENA: Renewed wave of mass uprisings met with brutality and repression during ‘year of defiance’ (Amnesty International)

  • Report reviews human rights in 19 MENA states during 2019
  • Wave of protests across Algeria, Iraq, Iran and Lebanon demonstrates reinvigorated faith in people power
  • 500+ killed in Iraq and over 300 in Iran in brutal crackdowns on protests
  • Relentless clampdown on peaceful critics and human rights defenders
  • At least 136 prisoners of conscience detained in 12 countries for online speech

Somalia: Killings, corruption and censorship besiege media freedom (Amnesty International)

A surge in violent attacks, threats, harassment and intimidation of media workers is entrenching Somalia as one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a journalist, Amnesty International said today.

Nigeria: 2020 could be Shell’s year of reckoning (Amnesty International)

In 2020 Shell will face unprecedented legal scrutiny over decades of human rights abuses in Nigeria, Amnesty International said today, as the oil giant braces itself for conclusions in a string of European court battles. Allegations range from complicity in unlawful executions to systemic pollution and environmental damage in the Niger Delta.

New generation of young activists lead fight against worsening repression in Asia (Amnesty International)

  • New report reviews human rights in 25 Asian and Pacific states and territories during 2019

  • Young protesters take to streets in response to increasing repression
  • Detentions, arrests and deaths as authorities clamp down on dissent with excessive force
  • But protests vital in helping secure landmark human rights wins


Bangladesh: Rohingya children get access to education (Amnesty International)

The Bangladesh government has announced it will offer schooling and skills training opportunities to Rohingya refugee children, two and a half years after they were forced to flee crimes against humanity in Myanmar.