USA/Israel and OPT: Dismal ‘peace deal’ would exacerbate violations, enshrine impunity (Amnesty International)

The Trump administration’s dismal package of proposals to violate international law and further strip Palestinians of their rights is a handbook for more suffering and abuses in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), Amnesty International said today.

Syria: Failure to renew UN resolution on cross-border aid spells humanitarian disaster (Amnesty International)

Russia and China’s callous use of their veto power to stop the renewal of a UN resolution which expires today, will leave millions of civilians in northern Syria cut off from lifesaving aid, said Amnesty International today.

Côte d’Ivoire: Authorities must uphold the right to fair trial of opposition members and their relatives (Amnesty International)

  • Five members of parliament among the 17 people arrested
  • A brother of presidential candidate Guillaume Soro forcibly disappeared 
  • Security forces searched some detainees’ houses without warrants

Iran: World must strongly condemn use of lethal force against protesters as death toll rises to 143 (Amnesty International)

The international community must denounce the intentional lethal use of force by Iranian security forces that has resulted in the killings of at least 143 protesters since demonstrations broke out on 15 November, Amnesty International said today.

Facebook Twitter Turkey: Prosecution call for jail term of up to 15 years for six human rights defenders, including Amnesty’s honorary chair and former director, defies logic (Amnesty International)

Following a request by the State Prosecutor for the conviction of Amnesty Turkey’s honorary chair, Taner Kılıç, former director İdil Eser and four other human rights defenders on terrorism-related charges, Marie Struthers Europe, Director for Amnesty International, said:

“Today’s vindictive request by the State Prosecutor for jail terms of up to 15 years ignores the evidence and defies all logic.

“The terrorist allegations made against Taner, İdil and four others have been repeatedly disproven over the course of nine previous hearings and it is clear today, as it has been from the start, that the Istanbul 10 and Taner are on trial for nothing more than their human rights work. They must be acquitted.”

If convicted, they risk up to 15 years imprisonment. The next, and presumably final trial hearing, is set to take place on 19 February 2020.

Egypt: State Security prosecution operating as a ‘sinister tool of repression’ (Amnesty International)

A new report published by Amnesty International exposes how Egypt’s Supreme State Security Prosecution (SSSP) is routinely misusing counter-terror legislation to prosecute thousands of peaceful critics and suspend guarantees to fair trial.

Brazil: Halt illegal cattle farms fuelling Amazon rainforest destruction (Amnesty International)

  • Cattle farming is the main driver of illegal land seizures that violate human rights in Reserves and Indigenous territories
  • Satellite imagery and official data reveal evidence of cattle farming in protected areas
  • Amnesty International Brazil and Indigenous leaders to hand over petition to Bolsonaro government calling for action

Afghanistan: Human rights defenders under attack (Amnesty International)

Afghanistan’s human rights community is under intensifying attacks from both the authorities and armed groups as human rights defenders and activists face intimidation, harassment, threats and violence, Amnesty International said in a briefing released today.

Bangladesh: Parents fear for lost generation of Rohingya children (Amnesty International)

Two years after a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign forced around 700,000 Rohingya to flee Myanmar for Bangladesh, refugees are still trapped in unbearable conditions in overcrowded camps, Amnesty International said in a new briefing.