COVID 19 in The Arab World : Theocratic Answers To Political Questions (RIAC)

The transformations created by the so-called Arab Spring and currently the Corona virus epidemic, have not been able to bring about fundamental changes in societal perceptions of politics, the state, self and the other, where Arab thought (to some extent) still adheres to the principle of linking the philosophy of authority to the religious faith issue.

Salam Al Rabadi

Coronavirus and the Arab Culture of Secrecy (BESA Center)

The quality of healthcare systems in the Arab world varies from country to country. Egypt and Sudan are considered to have the worst, while the UAE and Saudi Arabia are seen as having the most advanced. Whether their domestic health services are high quality or not, many Arab leaders and members of the elites routinely address their personal health needs outside the region, usually going to Western countries for the purpose. The health status of Arab leaders is treated as a closely guarded secret.


Denial of Citizenship as a Weapon of Repression in the Arab World (BESA Center)

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia recently announced that they were revoking the citizenship of individuals whose “sin” was a connection to Judaism and a pro-Israeli attitude. Apart from the institutional antisemitism these measures reflect, they are a blunt reminder that these are tyrannical states and regimes in which the legal system is little more than a fig leaf.