3 reasons not to panic about artificial intelligence (WEF)

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) needs to be democratized to help more people understand it and embrace its potential;
  • We need to develop regulations for AI that are agile and adapt to this rapidly progressing technology;
  • A focus on “Trustworthy AI” offers a promising model for innovation and the governance of AI.


 – President, JD Cloud and JD AI; Chair, JD Technology Committee; Vice-President, JD.COM

AI in International Relations: The Era of “Digital Diplomacy” (Valdai Discussion Club)

In view of the sorry conditions that the world’s international relations find themselves today, some argue that there may be a case for an upgrade in international diplomacy, perhaps with elements of higher technology in establishing cross-country communication lines. One such area where a technological upgrade is already progressing is the use of AI in international diplomacy. In particular, China has been active in making use of AI in providing insights for its diplomats into the possible scenarios and the evolution of events on the international arena. There is also an increasingly active use of AI in supporting economic diplomacy in trade negotiations. Going forward it will be crucial to ensure greater access of developing economies to the possibilities opened by AI to concluding international accords and boosting international cooperation. 


Yaroslav Lissovolik

Out of the slow lane: How Europe can meet the challenge of AI (ECFR)

EU member states need to turn their declarations of intent about international cooperation on technological sovereignty into real projects.


Ulrike Esther Franke

How AI is shaping financial services (WEF)

  • Global AI in Financial Services Survey, supported by EY and Invesco, shows the impact AI will have on financial institutions, from business models to changes in the workforce;
  • By 2030, FinTechs anticipate AI will have expanded their workforce by 19%;
  • Data quality and access to data, as well as access to suitable talent, are all seen as major obstacles to implementing AI.


, Research Affiliate, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, the University of Cambridge Judge Business School

, Research and Analysis, Financial and Monetary Systems, World Economic Forum

, Executive Director, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, the University of Cambridge Judge Business School