Dalits and Aboriginals: Rebuilding India and Australia (Devanuru Mahadeva, Al Jazeera)

A Dalit author issues a call to rebuild India and Australia with humanity not discrimination at their core.

Replacing the Rhino (Malcolm Davis, The Strategist)

The 2016 Defence White Paper (DWP16) signals that ‘options to replace the Super Hornets in the late 2020s will be considered in the early 2020s in the light of developments in technology and the strategic environment and will be informed by our experience in operating the Joint Strike Fighters’. As Andrew Davies and I previously argued, rather than rushing such a decision, Australia should pause to consider exploiting the revolutionary potential offered by Unmanned Combat Air Systems (UCAS). In this regard, it’s worth looking at the USAF’s Air Superiority 2030 (AS-2030) Flight Plan, which is the latest American perspective on the future of air power.

Terrorist attack in Minto, 10 September 2016 (Jacinta Carroll, ASPI)

On 10 September 2016, a 22-year-old Australian national, Ihsas Khan, attacked Wayne Greenhalgh on a street in Minto, southwest Sydney. Khan stabbed Greenhalgh multiple times with a knife, inflicting serious but not critical wounds. Khan was arrested and charged with terrorism offences. This was Australia’s fourth terrorist attack in two years.

This CT Quick Look paper highlights the key issues and assesses the relevance for affected stakeholders including recommendations for government.