Spanish Law May Mean Moving Croatian Fascist Tombs (Balkan Insight)

If Spain adopts a new historical memory law, the tombs of Croatia’s World War II Fascist leaders Ante Pavelic and Vjekoslav Maks Luburic may have to move to less prominent sites, or back to their native Bosnia.

Death Threats Against Bosnian Judges a Cause for Serious Concern (Balkan Insight)

Experts caution against complacency in recent cases of death threats against senior judges in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Hungary’s Orban Offers Montenegro Help in ‘Defending’ its Borders (Balkan Insight)

Montenegro, seeing a rise in migrant and refugee numbers, says a Hungarian-style border fence is not necessary, yet.

Serbia to Seek Extradition of War Crimes Suspect (Balkan Insight)

Serbia said it would ask Montenegro to hand over a former Serbian fighter accused of war crimes in Kosovo in 1999 and arrested in the Adriatic republic last week.

Montenegro Arrests Kosovo War Crimes Suspect (Balkan Insight)

After four years on the run, Montenegrin police have arrested Predrag Vukovic, a former Serbian fighter accused of committing war crimes in the Kosovo village of Ljubenic in 1999.

Montenegro to Join NATO Cyber-Defence Centre (Balkan Insight)

After suffering a number of cyber-attacks that are believed to have originated from Russia,  Montenegro is beefing up its defences by joining the NATO-backed group based in Estonia.

Romanian Dies in Mine’s Second Collapse This Year (Balkan Insight)

The gallery of a coal mine in the Southern Carpathians in Romania collapsed on Wednesday morning, leaving a miner dead and one wounded, months after two men died in a similar incident.

Trump Questions NATO Commitment to Defend Montenegro (Balkan Insight)

President Donald Trump said he is not happy with the NATO provision that requires the US to help defend other member states, including a “tiny country” like Montenegro.

Serbian Protest Groups Vow to Stop Refugee Evictions (Balkan Insight)

Serbian protest groups have pledged to prevent the Commissariat for Refugees from displacing refugees from the 1990s Yugoslav conflict who squatted the Commissariat’s empty apartments.

Romanian Muslims Cancel Grand Mosque Project (Balkan Insight)

Romania’s main Muslim body has dropped a Turkish-backed project to build a showpiece mosque in Bucharest due to a lack of funds.