Macedonia Leaders to Hold Showdown Meeting on Referendum (Balkan Insight)

Leaders from Macedonia’s government and opposition are expected to meet on Wednesday to air their conflicting views in an attempt to clear the path to a historic referendum in autumn on changing the country’s name.

Kosovo Convicts Seven Men of Terrorism Offences (Balkan Insight)

A Kosovo court found seven men guilty of organising and participating in terrorist groups and illegally possessing weapons, sentencing them to a total of more than 17 years in prison.

EU Aids Bulgaria to Combat Livestock ‘Plague’ (Balkan Insight)

The EU has put in place ‘drastic’ measures and dispatched an expert team to help Bulgaria combat an outbreak of Peste des Petits Ruminants, also known as ‘sheep and goat plague’–07-17-2018?utm_source=Balkan+Insight+Newsletters&utm_campaign=2b918e53a8-BI_DAILY&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4027db42dc-2b918e53a8-319685529

Montenegro Officials Criticise Commemoration of Chetnik Leader (Balkan Insight)

The Serbian Orthodox Church’s plan to hold a mass for the killed leader of the World War II Chetnik movement, Draza Mihailovic, has been called a “provocation” by the Montenegrin authorities.

Macedonia PM Accuses Pro-Russian Forces of Planning Violence (Balkan Insight)

Greek businessmen allied to Russia are paying troublemakers to stir up violence in the run-up to the crucial ‘name’ referendum, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has said in an interview.

Kosovo PM Criticised For Meeting Northern Powerbroker (Balkan Insight)

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj has been criticised for meeting a controversial figure in the Serb-run northern municipalities, Milan Radoicic.

Election Row Ignites ‘Resistance Movement’ in Moldova (Balkan Insight)

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The court decision to invalidate the mayoral elections in Chisinau has mobilized many people to challenge Moldova’s oligarchical establishment – but real results of the movement have yet to follow.

NATO Urges Russia to Withdraw Troops From Moldova (Balkan Insight)

The final declaration of NATO’s Summit in Brussels has called on Russia to withdraw troops stationed in all three Eastern Partnership countries – Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

Kosovo Opposition Spurn Thaci’s ‘Reports’ on Dialogue (Balkan Insight)

As Kosovo leaders face growing criticism over the lack of transparency in the Serbia-Kosovo talks, opposition parties have dismissed the President’s stated willingness to report back to parliament on the dialogue process.

Romania Resists Pressure to Rush Offshore Gas Bill (Balkan Insight)

Romania is under growing pressure from Hungary and energy companies to rapidly adopt legislation on exploiting its gas deposits in the Black Sea – but some experts warn that the current bill is a bad deal for the country.