USA – “Liberal Values, Material Interests, and the Inconsistencies of U.S. Democracy Promotion” (Belfer Center)

Arman Grigoryan is an Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations at Lehigh University.

Sarah Sewall is a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center and Executive Vice President for Policy at In-Q-Tel. She previously served as the Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights from 2014 to 2017.

The Next Administration Must Get Science and Technology Policy Right (Belfer Center, Scientific American)



  • Susan Eisenhower


  • Wanda Austin


  • Ryan Costello


  • Margaret Hamburg



  • Arati Prabhakar


  • Kathy Sullivan


  • Deborah Wince-Smith


Confronting China’s Efforts to Steal Defense Information (Belfer Center)

China’s cyber espionage activities1 represent a significant threat to the United States military and the safety and security of this nation. Defense contractors, research institutes, and universities are failing to adequately secure their computer networks, allowing China to steal research and development pertaining to some of America’s most important military technology. This wholesale theft represents losses to the United States in the range of hundreds of billions of dollars per year.