The Mysterious Explosions at Iran’s Nuclear Facilities (BESA Center)

Three incidents, including two explosions at nuclear facilities, have shaken Iran in recent days. Were they connected? Were they caused by accidents or were they carried out by a foreign power? If the latter, were they executed via cyberattack? And what will be their domestic and international implications?

The Sovereignty Debate Has Changed Israeli Discourse (BESA Center)

The moment the issue of extending Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and parts of the West Bank emerged, it took on a dynamic of its own. Not only did the opposing sides’ positions grow sharper and more polarized, but the way claims are being made—accompanied by fear-mongering and threats—has changed the dynamic of the internal Israeli debate on the Israeli-Palestinian problem

The Mike Flynn Case: A Disgrace to the FBI, Not to Flynn (BESA Center)

The case of Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, accused of lying to the feds, was recently reopened by a new attorney. Though the appellate court has since upheld the Justice Department’s order to dismiss the case, the matter remains unresolved, and Flynn remains in danger. The effort to oust Flynn as NSA was a key aspect of a complex plot at the highest levels to overturn the election of President Donald Trump. The DOJ should turn its attention to the people who put Flynn in their sights

Qatar’s Anti-Saudi Seeds of the Islamist Quartet (BESA Center)

The Islamist Quartet consists of Turkey, Qatar, Pakistan, and Malaysia. The seeds of its agenda were planted by Qatari Emir Hamad’s and Libyan dictator Muammar Qhaddafi’s plot to take down the Saudi royal family and divide the Kingdom. Qatari lobbyists have since managed to bury the long history and strategic depth of these relationships by reshaping the narrative with a focus on the 2017 Gulf Crisis

Turkey and Qatar: Love in Bloom (BESA Center)

Qatar has done it again. Just as it did in 2018, Doha has rushed billions of dollars to Turkey to thwart the Turkish lira’s slide in the face of US sanctions. In other words, one US ally has helped another US ally evade US sanctions—and more than once

The Benefits of Decreased Security Cooperation with the PA (BESA Center)

A lull in security cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority could be a blessing in disguise for Israel’s security forces. A changed environment is always a summons to organizational innovation and self-reliance, the lack of which cost many lives during the Oslo years and Arafat’s war against Israel that began in 2000

Will the PA Erupt Over Israeli Sovereignty in the Jordan Valley? (BESA Center)

No one really knows when mass violence will erupt. The self-immolation of a Tunisian peddler ignited a revolution in that country, but at least 40 similar acts in other Arab counties failed. The odds are against massive violence if Israel extends sovereignty over the Jordan Valley, but Israel’s security forces should nevertheless be prepared

UAE-Turkey Rivalry Wreaks Havoc in Libya and Syria (BESA Center)

The United Arab Emirates and Turkey are locked in a regional power struggle that has fueled conflict in Libya and could spark renewed fighting in Syria. This struggle, like that between Saudi Arabia and Iran, threatens to keep the Middle East and North Africa on edge

Will Kurdish Unity Talks Lead to a More Muscular US Policy on Syria? (BESA Center)

The US is backing Kurdish unity talks as part of a policy centered around appeasing Turkey’s national security concerns about the PYD’s essential role in Syria. However, all signs indicate that Turkey sees this gesture as no more than a ruse to normalize its enemies. Only a more involved and active US foreign policy will cement any gains around a more stable and unified Kurdish presence

The “Floyd Crisis” and How to Resolve It (BESA Center)

Although the “Floyd crisis” in the US contains the seeds of civil war, acknowledgment of the historical errors that gave rise to this crisis, taking responsibility, and making a commitment to rectify those errors could make this a shining moment for the American people and a milestone in the history of democracy