O Plano Decenal Brasil-China 2022-2031: oportunidade de preparação e realinhamento (CEBRI)

Tatiana Rosito, Senior Fellow e Coordenadora do Grupo de Análise sobre China do CEBRI, é um dos destaques da Carta Brasil-China organizada pelo Conselho Empresarial Brasil-China (CEBC), com o artigo “O Plano Decenal Brasil-China 2022-2031: oportunidade de preparação e realinhamento“.


How to unleash the potential of regions like São Paulo (WEF)

  • São Paulo’s economic success has been built on a broad spectrum of policy-making.
  • Investments in infrastructure and technology have reaped enormous benefits.
  • High standards in public services and environmental protections have also been crucial.


, Governor of the State of São Paulo, Government of the State of São Paulo

Brazil Needs a Fresh Start (Project-Syndicate)

Since the restoration of democracy in 1985, Brazil has made notable gains when it comes to taming inflation, expanding welfare assistance, and even reducing poverty. But unless the country can tackle rising inequality and restore faith in its political leadership, these gains could be lost.


Luciano Huck is a Brazilian TV host, philanthropist, and entrepreneur

Brazil’s Biggest Economic Risk Is Complacency (Project-Syndicate)

This year can be a decisive one for Brazil’s transition to a more robust and sustainable growth path – but only if the government commits to fiscal and structural reform. If Brazil’s leaders fail to take this opportunity to lay the foundations for long-term prosperity, it may not be long before the economy stalls again.


Otaviano Canuto, a senior fellow at the Policy Center for the New South, previously served as a vice president and Executive Director of the World Bank, Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund, and as a vice president at the Inter-American Development Bank.