Huawei Mate 40 camera sample of moon in broad daylight teased ahead of October 22 launch (Business India)

Huawei’s official has shared a new photo that is claimed to be the Mate 40 camera sample with some interesting details.

Shubham Verma

Google gets control of, wins it from Chinese man based in Wuhan (Business India)

Google has won an arbitration case against a Chinese national who has registered though the company is yet to get the control of the domain.

Rebooting Economy 36: Job creation is nobody’s business in India (Business India)

India has learnt that growth in GDP does not automatically translate into growth in jobs and that GDP growth does not necessarily mean well-being of a vast majority of population. It needs to put these experiences into work and frame appropriate policy responses to the job crisis

Prasanna Mohanty

Post Covid-19: Four trends that will define consumer lending segment in India (Business India)

In the post-pandemic era, lenders will increasingly become more conservative, despite a growth in the demand for credit from both retail and institutional customers like SMEs and MSMEs

Madhusudan Ekambaram