The rude health of Cambodia’s Hun Sen (The Interpreter)

Once again, “Victory Over Genocide Day” has been celebrated in Cambodia by the Cambodian People’s Party (CCP) government and its supporters. This year marked the 40th anniversary of the defeat of the Pol Pot regime by an invading Vietnamese army numbering around 100,000 and the small, Vietnamese-sponsored military forces of the Cambodian National Salvation Front on 7 January 1979.

Dr Milton Osborne

Digitising Cambodia’s economic future (East Asia Forum)

In March 2018, the Cambodian government announced its plan to be ready to transform into a digital economy by 2023. A digital economy is one in which economic processes and activities are based on digital technologies (electronic systems and devices that generate, store or process data). The digitisation of the economy drives innovation and fuels job opportunities and economic growth.

Digitising Cambodia’s economic future

Pheakdey Heng, Enrich Institute