Identifying the impact of the circular economy on the fast-moving consumer goods industry (CEPS)

Opportunities and challenges for businesses, workers and consumers – mobile phones as an example

by Vasileios Rizos / Julie Bryhn / Monica Alessi / Alexandra Campmas / Antonella Zarra

The EU’s re-engagement with the Western Balkans: A new chapter long overdue (CEPS)

Key points for policymakers

2018 was dominated by deep divisions among the EU member states despite the great expectations set by the European Commission’s February 2018 strategy paper. A major effort will now be required to restore credibility to the EU’s enlargement agenda and ensure a genuine re-engagement with the Western Balkans. It will be up to the new Commission to regain a leadership role and give the integration of the region into the EU the priority it deserves.

Erwan Fouéré