Joint anti-pandemic fight injects a new impetus into China-Canada ties (Global Times)

China said on May 13 that it is actively engaging with Canada to cooperate on developing COVID-19 medicines and vaccines. The National Research Council of Canada also confirmed the same, with both the countries lauding the move at the official level.

By Liu Dan

China’s countermeasures ready for prolonged ‘war’ with US: Global Times editorial

Based on Global Times sources, if the US further pinches Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei by blocking companies such as TSMC from providing chips to the company, China will carry out countermeasures, such as including certain US companies into its list of “unreliable entities,” imposing restrictions on or investigating US companies such as Qualcomm, Cisco and Apple, and suspending purchases of Boeing aircraft.

Proactive fiscal policies expected at two sessions: Chinese experts (Global Times)

Proactive fiscal policies are expected at the upcoming two sessions, a major event in China’s political calendar, and are needed to promote the recovery of the real economy from the fallout of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

US malicious rhetoric picking quarrels will feel China response (Global Times)

Over the past weeks, some US individuals, entities and state officials seem to have become addicted to the idea of filing lawsuits against China for alleged harms caused by the novel coronavirus. Finally, China started to mull retaliations, according to sources close to the matter. What made bilateral ties between China and the US to where it is today? What could possibly be China’s countermeasures and the consequences to China-US relations? Two experts shared their insights with the Global Times.

The Chinese View of Western-Russia Competition (BESA Center)

The ongoing competition between Russia and the West is likely to continue unabated for years to come. Beijing will endeavor to widen that gulf by supporting Moscow in its efforts to implement China’s signature Belt and Road Initiative in the Middle East and Eurasia.


China, America, and how Europe can deal with war by economic means (ECFR)

Great power rivalry has not abated even amid the coronavirus. To survive the economic conflict between China and the US, Europe must make its preparations now.

Jonathan Hackenbroich

The meaning of systemic rivalry: Europe and China beyond the pandemic (ECFR)

  • Beijing’s handling of the pandemic has changed long-standing European assumptions about its reliability as a crisis actor and its approach to the European project.
  • Europe’s immediate medical-supply needs and dire economic situation will limit the scope of shifts in its China policy – for now.
  • But, on issues ranging from supply chains to ideological competition, European governments have rebalanced their view of what dynamics with China should look like in the aftermath.
  • The crisis is also intensifying demands from European parliaments, media outlets, and citizens for Europe to puts its China policy on a more open, accountable, and values-based footing.
  • Governments’ pursuit of a “business as usual” approach to Beijing is growing harder to sustain.

Andrew Small