Nancy Pelosi just handed Trump a campaign gift (CNN)

Nancy Pelosi is one of the — if not the — smartest political strategists in the Democratic Party. As such, she knows that appearances matter in politics. A lot. Which is why her decision to have her hair done indoors at a shop in San Francisco makes so little sense.

Chris Cillizza

What Benjamin Franklin warned us about (CNN)

A group of husky prisoners from the Philadelphia jail were carrying Benjamin Franklin on a stretcher back to his quarters after attending the last session of the Constitutional Convention in early September of 1787.

Joseph J. Ellis is an American historian who won the Pulitzer Prize for “Founding Brothers.” He is the author of “American Dialogue: The Founding Fathers and Us.

How Trump has weakened America diplomatically and economically (Todd Stern, CNN, Brookings)

A year ago, on June 1, President Donald Trump staged a bells-and-whistles Rose Garden event to announce his intent to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement. In doing so, he paid little attention to many of his top advisers, the vast majority of major American companies, or his counterparts around the world.