Economics Is All About Disruption (CSIS)

Since the first caveman sharpened a stone into a tool, economics has involved disruption. New technologies create innovative ways of doing business and displace old ones. The Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter coined a phrase for this: “creative destruction.” The term encompasses both the benign and harmful dimensions of economic disruption: when the forest burns, many trees are destroyed, but new growth is enabled. The key to progress is ensuring that there are more winners than losers from disruptive change and that the latter benefit from the broader gains in prosperity.

International Perspectives on Space Weapons (CSIS)

This paper analyzes international perspectives on space weapons and the weaponization of space, focusing relatively more on countries other than the United States, Russia, and China. It examines how existing international agreements define and limit space weapons and weapons-related activities, proposed international agreements and the reactions of other nations to these proposals, and current developments that relate to space weapons and the weaponization of space.

World Order after Covid-19 (CSIS)

The Covid-19 pandemic is reshaping geopolitics. Escalating tensions between the United States and China are the clearest immediate-term outcome. But what about the long-term impact?

CSIS Risk and Foresight Group Director Sam Brannen asked four of his International Security Program colleagues to take the long view on how Covid-19 could affect geopolitics out to 2025-2030 and beyond.

Partners, Not Proxies: Capacity Building in Hybrid Warfare (CSIS)

  • Security partners operate on the front lines of hybrid warfare environments.
  • The United States and its allies lack a coherent approach for integrating partners into civilian-led, competitive strategies against rivals who leverage hybrid warfare tools.
  • A principled approach to selecting and investing in partners, rather than casting them as proxies, will increase U.S. and allied strategic action and operational effectiveness.

Challenges to Continued U.S. Leadership Ahead of Global HIV’s Next Phase (CSIS)

This is an important year for the global HIV response. The first milestones toward the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Fast Track goals toward controlling the global epidemic come due at the end of 2020.

Leon Cooperman: “Capitalism Will Be Changed Forever” (CSIS)

Billionaire investor Leon “Lee” Cooperman, chairman and CEO of Omega Advisors, joins the podcast to discuss the future of the stock market, investing, capitalism, the U.S. economy, future of work, and decoupling with China.

Will U.S. Sanctions Snapback Force Iran Out of the NPT? (CSIS)

As U.S. Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook made clear in his recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, if the United States fails to secure an extension to the arms embargo against Iran that expires in October, it is willing to try and force the reimposition of UN sanctions on Iran.