Here’s what I learned at Davos 2020 (WEF)

Climate change and its financial impact dominated conversations this year. Beneath the noise, I came away with even higher conviction that climate risk analysis of companies and portfolios is moving out of a specialised niche and into the mainstream.

, Chair, Sustainable Finance Committee, UBS

Being Out and Equal (WEF)

While openness about being LGBTI at work increases well-being and productivity, more than half of the community avoids being open about their sexual orientation and gender identity in professional settings for fear of negative consequences. What are best practices to create open and inclusive workplaces for all?

Speakers: Jill Ader, Geena Rocero

A Decade to Deliver the Global Goals (WEF)

The past five years saw encouraging progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in areas like child mortality, infectious diseases and some gender-related targets, but many other goals are falling behind. From fighting biodiversity loss to eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, how are leaders making good on their commitments to create a cohesive and sustainable world?

Speakers: Mohamad Al Jounde, Paul Stoffels, Sarah Kelly, Achim Steiner, Wanjuhi Njoroge

How to Turn Protest into Progress (WEF)

Anti-government protests fuelled by anger about inequality, corruption and political repression are paralysing cities and nations. How can movements transition from protest to political change more effectively?

Speakers: Craig Francourt, James Harding, Alicia Bárcena Ibarra, Micah White, William F. Browder

Closing the Disability Inclusion Gap (WEF)

While nine out of 10 companies claim to prioritize diversity, only 4% have specific programmes that are disability inclusive. What strategies and best practices can close the disability gap at work?

Speakers: Edward Ndopu, Molly Burke, Caroline Casey