UNRWA and Trump’s attempt to erase the Palestinian people (Al Jazeera)

By cutting the funding to the UNRWA, Trump wants to eliminate the Palestinians’ demand for the right to return.


To Italian observers, Trump is a déjà vu (Federica Saini Fasanotti, Brookings)

As an Italian watching the U.S. presidential election, the Donald Trump phenomenon rings a pretty acute bell. More than 20 years ago, something similar happened in Italy: Silvio Berlusconi burst onto the political scene, and—like for Trump—there were furious debates about his character and fitness to lead. While many Italians thought he could represent a new era of good governance in Rome, many others were profoundly disappointed (if not outright terrified) by his candidacy for the prime minister post.

Why Trump Turned In His Best Performance of Any Debate (Daniel McCarthy, The National Interest)

The debate was less about Trump’s failings as a human being than Clinton’s as a senator and secretary of state.