Trump’s Deplorables (Ian Buruma, Project-Syndicate)

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic US presidential nominee, recently described supporters of her opponent, Donald Trump, as a “basket of deplorables.” It was neither a tactful nor an elegant phrase, and she later apologized for her remark. But she was more right than wrong. Trump has attracted many supporters whose views on race, for example, are indeed deplorable.

Trump for dummies II: ‘It’s about the economy, stupid’ (Larry Beinhart, Al Jazeera)

Trump’s policy proposals will make things worse – he’s taking the policies that created the problem and doubling them.

Evaluating Trump’s trade policies (Gary Hufbauer, Euijin Jung, VOX)

Donald Trump has consistently made headlines with unusual and potentially dangerous economic policy proposals, including threatening to pull out of the WTO, renegotiating trade agreements, and imposing tariffs on imports from Mexico and China. This column explores the legal and economic dimensions of these proposals. Old and modern legal statutes could allow a US president to implement such policies, and the repercussions for the US economy could be severely negative.