East Asia Security in Flux. What Regional Order Ahead? (IFRI)

In February, the Ifri Center for Asian Studies and RIPS held a conference on the Asian security environment.

Two months later, it feels as if it was another era. Back then, Covid-19 had already raged in China, and cases of infection started to be reported throughout Asia and Europe. But nobody could have foreseen that the virus would soon develop into a pandemic with profound implications for all of us and for international relations. It is still premature to predict the exact consequences of this terrible epidemic for the global order and the strategic setting in Asia.


Céline PAJON, Masashi NISHIHARA, (eds.)

Does China get what it wants in East Asia? (Evelyn Goh, East Asia Forum)

East Asia’s regional order is in the throes of a remarkable transition, but the nature and potential results of this transition are deeply contested. By mobilising developing countries, a constituency that has been too often neglected, China seems to be altering the regional balance of influence. But how much influence over these countries’ choices and policies does China actually have?