The world will soon start talking like Trump (European Council on Foreign Relations)

Three lessons about communicating that politicians in the United States, and abroad, are learning from the current US president

Jeremy Shapiro

Reality bytes: Europe’s bid for digital sovereignty (European Council on Foreign Relations)

Tomorrow the European Commission publishes its second ever review of the EU-US Privacy Shield – and shows the extent of Europe’s preeminence in cyberspace

Jonathan Hackenbroich

Diplomacy dies in darkness: Europe and information manipulation (European Council on Foreign Relations)

“Information manipulation” or just plain “fake news”? How France is grappling with a very modern threat

Manuel Lafont Rapnouil, Tara Varma 

Japan-China relations: confrontation with a smile (European Council on Foreign Relations)

China’s willingness to finally downplay confrontation with Japan demonstrates the magnitude of the Trump shock in Beijing

Mathieu Duchâtel

Back to Frontex: Europe’s misguided migration policy (European Council on Foreign Relations)

This month’s proposal for strengthening Frontex shows the EU is privileging the protection of state borders over the protection of people’s lives

Shoshana Fine

Russian manoeuvres with Chinese characteristics (European Council on Foreign Relations)

The Vostok 2018 exercises showed the Russian armed forces learning from Western theory and Syrian practice. In turn, the Chinese military personnel present at the exercises for the first time will be learning from the Russians

Gustav Gressel