Alberta careening towards fiscal disaster (Fraser Institute)

Successive Alberta governments have mismanaged the province’s finances for decades. The recent oil price drop and stock market crash means Alberta’s finances, already in trouble, are now potentially careening towards disaster.

Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute
Senior Policy Analyst, Fraser Institute

Things the Liberal government knows that just ain’t so—Canada is the ‘best place to invest’ (Fraser Institute)

Despite all the evidence, Prime Minister Trudeau, his government (and those around them) really believe their policies have made Canada the best place to invest.

President, Fraser Institute
Associate Director, Addington Centre for Measurement, Fraser Institute

Policymakers across Canada should study Michigan’s success (Fraser Institute)

In a development that has implications for the entire country, Fiat Chrysler recently announced it will layoff 1,500 unionized workers from its plant in Windsor, Ontario. Although many factors drive a company’s employment decisions, the overall competitiveness of the jurisdiction is important. And Michigan’s smart policy choices helped turn around the state’s economic fortunes—a fact policymakers in Ontario, other provinces and Parliament Hill should understand.

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Trudeau should learn from B.C. and rethink legislating UN declaration into federal law (Fraser Institute)

The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) was approved by the UN General Assembly in 2007. Its most controversial feature is a call for “free, prior and informed consent” (FPIC) by Indigenous peoples before economic development projects can take place on lands they inhabit or to which they may have a claim.

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Trudeau government should learn from Chrétien-era tax relief (Fraser Institute)

As the Trudeau government prepares to table its 2020 budget, it should reflect on another federal budget from 25 years ago when the Chrétien government took decisive action to balance the budget (after nearly three decades of deficits) and laid the foundation for broad-based tax relief and more than a decade of economic prosperity in Canada.

Three reasons why our hospitals are overcrowded (Fraser Institute)

A damning investigation by CBC News recently revealed that “hallway medicine” is now the norm in Ontario. Almost 50 per cent of hospitals in the province regularly operate beyond capacity, with patients accommodated in unconventional spaces including corridors, meeting rooms and even a kitchenette.

Bacchus Barua

G7 growth talk obscures poor income growth among Canadians (Fraser Institute)

Recent forecasts, including from the International Monetary Fund, suggest Canada may compete with the United States for the top spot in the G7 in 2020 for economic growth.

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Frontier mine decision make-or-break moment for Canada’s natural resource sector (Fraser Institute)

On Monday, amid mounting pressure from Alberta and other stakeholders, federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the Trudeau cabinet was still engaged in a “robust” discussion about the Frontier mine, a $20 billion Alberta oilsands proposal by Teck Resources Limited, a natural resource company headquartered in Vancouver. Morneau also refused to say when the decision (originally scheduled for some time in February) would be announced, fuelling speculation of an extended deadline.

Ashley StedmanElmira Aliakbari

Land-use regulation in “superstar” U.S. cities—same old sad story (Fraser Institute)

The key to understanding housing affordability woes in our most expensive cities is understanding the extent that local regulatory environments hamper the construction of new homes. To do this, however, one must first measure local regulatory environments.

Josef Filipowicz

Measuring Labour Markets in Canada and the United States: 2019 Edition (Fraser Institute)

Labour markets are the mechanism through which we allocate one of our most valuable and productive resources: human work, effort, creativity, and ingenuity. Labour markets match human skills, supplied by individuals seeking to earn a living, with the demand for labour by firms, governments, and households.

Associate Director, Addington Centre for Measurement, Fraser Institute
Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute
Senior Policy Analyst, Fraser Institute