Critics paint misleading picture of CEO-to-worker pay gap (Fraser Institute)

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What can Doug Ford learn from Jean Chretien? (Fraser Institute)

Recently, the credit rating agency Fitch lowered Ontario’s credit rating outlook. Specifically, while maintaining the provincial government’s “AA” rating, our outlook was changed from “stable” to “negative,” meaning a downgrade in the future is more likely. If such a downgrade is issued, higher borrowing costs could result.

Toronto takes small step forward with laneway houses (Fraser Institute)

Toronto City Council recently approved an important amendment to its planning rules, allowing homeowners to add laneway units to their properties without changing zoning bylaws. Such units—standalone rental homes facing lanes or alleys—can be an important addition to Toronto’s lagging housing supply.

Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting: Endangering Public Health, Society, and the Economy by Fraser Institute

The presence of counterfeit medicines in international commerce was initially identified as a problem in 1985 at the World Health Organization Conference of Experts on Rational Drug Use. Prior to this event, the dangers and challenges of pharmaceutical counterfeiting were primarily limited to developing countries. The global picture, however, has starkly changed. Pharmaceutical counterfeiting now spans every continent and no medicine is immune.

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Repeating Past Mistakes? Spending Restraint Critical for Ontario’s Fiscal Health by Fraser Institute

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Economic Freedom of North America 2017 by Fraser Institute