Russian people have final say over constitutional amendments (Global Times)

On Wednesday, Russia’s parliament approved constitutional amendments that include the possibility of President Vladimir Putin extending his rule for another two terms. Putin has adopted an ambiguous attitude toward his possible re-election. The constitutional amendments and Putin’s vague manner have offered room for speculation. International pundits have already suggested the possibility of Putin ruling until 2036.

By Cui Heng

Dual tasks of virus fight, work resumption (Global Times)

The battle against the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) has reached the most intense and complicated period. Central China’s Hubei Province has demanded admission and treatment of all patients needing medical assistance. Hubei on Thursday announced 14,840 new cases, including 13,332 clinically diagnosed cases, as of midnight on Wednesday. The surge in the number is believed to be a release of the stock. Outside of Hubei, the newly confirmed cases announced on Thursday fell for the ninth consecutive day. The national control over the epidemic has produced results.

Senators exploit doctor’s death to attack China’s political system (Global Times)

The world’s most crucial ties, China-US relations are now coming to a crossroads. The novel coronavirus outbreak has given us a clearer understanding of US strategic direction toward China. Although China is working hard to promote the relationship between the two countries toward healthy and stable development, the recent strategic moves of the US showed that a strong force in the US is pushing the ties toward a hostile path, which is obviously making the future of Sino-US relations more unstable.

By Ai Jun

Beijing-Moscow historical bonds deepen during coronavirus crisis (Global Times)

In response to the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), many countries around the world have expressed their goodwill to help China fight the epidemic.

By Li Yonghui

When wearing a mask invites discrimination against immigrants in the West (Global Times)

Since the beginning of the novel coronavirus epidemic, Chinese living in the US and other Western countries have been facing a “to be or not to be” question. And the dilemma is now manifested in the wearing of surgical masks.

By Rong Xiaoqing

People-to-people exchanges strengthen global mutual trust (Global Times)

When the novel coronavirus pneumonia is defeated, many Chinese, whose travel is limited during the epidemic period, might brook no delay to take a trip. And perhaps some of them will choose Japan as their first outbound destination, because they may be eager to express their thanks in person to a Japanese girl.

By Shi Tian

Speculative short-sellers won’t defeat China’s preparations amid epidemic (Global Times)

The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) in China may exacerbate financial market turmoil as signs of a potential financial war emerge, with some speculative forces poised to work against the world’s second largest economy.

There’s no doubt China will bounce back from epidemic’s impact (Global Times)

There has been a great outpouring of sympathy for China throughout the world in the wake of the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia. The heroic efforts of the Chinese medical workers and the determination of the Chinese people amid the epidemic have been a model of courage for the world to admire. And efforts are being made around the world to provide needed supplies and to find a vaccine that could allow for the country to overcome this crisis.

By William Jones

Phase one trade deal eases frictions, phase two likely to encounter tougher bargaining (Global Times)

Since the US began to impose punitive tariffs on China in March 2018, China-US trade and economic relations have been significantly affected. According to China’s General Administration of Customs, China’s imports and exports to the US fell by 10.7 percent to 3.73 trillion yuan ($542 billion) in 2019.

By Song Wei

China, US can’t put easing trade tension in reverse amid epidemic (Global Times)

Just a few weeks ago, global investors were cheering the pause in the multi-year trade war between China and the US that had roiled markets around the world. That jubilation now appears to have been short lived, as the world economy grapples with fresh risks to the hard-won phase one agreement and widely-expected tough negotiations for a possible second deal.