Iran threatens to drop more nuke commitments if interests not guaranteed (Global Times)

Iran will continue to abandon more of its commitments pertaining to the 2015 landmark nuclear deal if the remaining parties to the accord fail to help Iran reap its economic interests, an Iranian deputy foreign minister said Sunday.

Chinese companies seek trade, investment potentials in Egypt (Global Times)

China’s Council for Promoting South-South Cooperation (CPSSC) seeks to explore trade and investment cooperation potentials and open communication channels between Egyptian and Chinese companies, Chairman of the CPSSC Lyu Xinhua said Sunday.

Chinese purchase of US agricultural products a goodwill gesture, also leverage (Global Times)

The Xinhua News Agency learned Sunday from the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce that Chinese importers have reached new deals with US enterprises on buying US agricultural products since July 19. Chinese businesses will keep making inquiries and increasing purchases.


Unlike US, China never seeks to be world leader (Global Times)

Michael Pillsbury, one of US President Donald Trump’s advisers, said Thursday at the Washington DC-based think tank the Atlantic Council that “the competition to forever stop China from taking the position as No.1 in the world is primary for Trump,” according to the Voice Of America (VOA) Chinese site.

By Xu Hailin

For Abe, victory comes with a caveat (Global Times)

Japan’s governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), led by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and junior partner Komeito won a majority of the seats in election to the House of Councillors or the Upper House election, on July 21. According to The Nikkei, “Of the 124 seats that were contested, the ruling coalition secured 71, with Abe’s LDP winning 57. That is enough to give the coalition a majority in the Upper House.”

By Chen Yang

Detractors drive US bitterness against China (Global Times)

The Trump administration’s China approach recently triggered a new round of debates within the US, with both sides of the aisle expressing their views through open letters to US President Donald Trump. Amid growing bilateral tensions, the US narrative on China is being metamorphosed.

By Zhao Minghao

Compromise in trade talks can’t be one-way street (Global Times)

A widespread online article saying China will become the only nation in the history of the world that allows foreign capital to control its state-owned banks has generated vigorous debate. Some Chinese observers have expressed concern about whether the country has gone too far in allowing foreign investors to enjoy free access to China’s strategic assets.

By Hu Weijia

Libra is unlikely to become a real currency as negatives outnumber positives (Global Times)

House Democrats have considered a bill aiming at tech companies like Facebook that would ban them from issuing Libra, a new cryptocurrency, and Calibra, a digital wallet. This is not the first time that cryptocurrencies have attracted global attention.