GLOBSEC Intelligence Briefing MAY 2020

The May edition of the GLOBSEC Intelligence Briefing touches upon the three major risks the V4 region might face – the economic fallout from COVID-19, the possible attempts to consolidate power in times of corona, and the deepening of social inequalities as a result of asymmetric distribution of negative impact within society. These risks are explored from the perspective of political developments, economic outlook, disinformation challenges, relations with Brussels and security implications.

COVID-19 in CEE – Infecting the World Wide Web (GLOBSEC)

Somebody ate a bad bat soup and suddenly the internet has gone from an important tool to a fundamentally critical infrastructure connecting us to the outside world. Internet that is keeping us afloat in these times of pandemic is just the same as it was before. We’re just more dependent on it, with no other alternatives available.

We rely on it to carry out our jobs, to meet in virtual space, to school our kids, to provide our entertainment, to keep society running and salvage a modus vivendi from the pre-Covid days. In short, we are using it a lot.