Will Conde’s Power Grab Trigger a Constitutional Crisis in Guinea? (World Politics Review)

Guinean President Alpha Conde arrives at a conference in Berlin, Germany.

Guinean President Alpha Conde announced plans in December to replace the country’s constitution via a referendum, a move that critics say will allow him to stay in power beyond the current two-term limit. Guinea’s existing constitution requires the 81-year-old Conde, who was first elected in 2010, to step down after finishing his second and final term later this year. But the proposed draft document is replete with vague language on term limits that would likely allow him to run for reelection. Conde has not stated explicitly whether he plans to do so, but many Guineans believe he is clearing a path to stay in power.


Lindsey Pruett is a doctoral candidate in government at Cornell University. Her research focuses on the development of coercive institutions in West Africa, primarily efforts to increase military and police capacity and the ability to tax citizens.