Appointment of Chief of Defence Staff: A Historic Decision (IDSA)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rousing Independence Day address delivered from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort covered many issues relating to reforms and development in India. Among the several key announcements made by the Prime Minister was the creation of the post of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), which he described as “a very important and compelling task”.1 Lauding the role of the army, navy and the air force, he added that the institution of CDS would provide a better direction for higher defence management.

Amb. Sujan R. Chinoy is Director General, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi.

Hong Kong on the Edge (IDSA)

Hong Kong’s return to the motherland on July

Since the handover, July 01 has been observed as a public holiday in Hong Kong to commemorate what is known as the ‘Establishment Day’. This year, instead of celebrations, it turned out to be a day of rebuking the Chinese rule, as anti-government protesters – displaying British era colonial flags – stormed and ransacked the City’s Legislative Council (or LegCo). Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s claims about the success of 22 years of Chinese rule sounded hollow. Around a million of Hong Kong’s seven million population soon took to the streets.

Maj. Gen. (Dr.) G.G. Dwivedi, SM, VSM & BAR (retd.) was Defence Attaché in China, Mongolia and North Korea; has commanded a Division in the North East.

‘No First Use’ is Not Sacrosanct: Need a Theatre-Specific Posture for Flexible Options (IDSA)

What would be the response of India if it comes across credible intelligence that Pakistan is preparing to launch nuclear-armed missiles as a means to escalate military hostilities? Would India wait for Pakistan to undertake a nuclear first strike, possibly on a major population centre like the National Capital Region (NCR), killing a million or more, and then mobilise its second-strike forces to strike Pakistan and inflict “unacceptable damage,” as India’s Draft Nuclear Doctrine (DND) of 1999 proclaims?1 Or, instead, would it undertake a pre-emptive strike – either through a conventional air strike or with nuclear-tipped short/interim-range missiles – on Pakistani bases gearing up for striking targets in India?

A. Vinod Kumar