Will COVID-19 change the geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific? (IISS)

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on global affairs. But how will it affect the Indo-Pacific? This crisis will sharpen pre-existing tensions between the US and China, rather than radically reshape the regional geopolitical order, explains Lynn Kuok.



Lynn Kuok

Asia-Pacific regional security assessment 2020. Introduction (IISS)

The Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment 2020 investigates US–China great-power competition, US alliances and partnerships, the implications for Asia of the end of the INF Treaty, the breakdown in Japan–South Korea relations, the diplomatic deadlock on the Korean Peninsula and the role of regional and extra-regional middle powers like Australia, Indonesia and European actors.


Tim Huxley, Lynn Kuok


What does the US decision to end nuclear-related waivers mean for Iran? (IISS)

While Tehran’s response to the US announcement to end nuclear-related waivers has been nonchalant, Mahsa Rouhi argues that the decision may have significant implications for the future of nuclear negotiations with Iran.



Mahsa Rouhi

Hospital ships and naval diplomacy: white hopes or white elephants? (IISS)

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity to assess the pros and cons of hospital ships as nations re-evaluate the potential of such vessels for broader humanitarian and naval diplomacy missions.


Nick Childs, Hugo Decis

ISIS militants pose growing threat across Africa (IISS)

The Islamic State has been consolidating its African offshoots as part of an effort to expand its presence across the continent. As part of a series of blogs to mark the publication of Armed Conflict Survey 2020, Eleanor Beevor and Flore Berger examine the impact of these developments and the risks they could pose.


Eleanor Beevor

Flore Berger

America’s protests and Trump: the ‘law and order’ president? (IISS)

US President Donald Trump’s response to the nationwide protests following the killing of George Floyd indicates how he might style himself for this year’s presidential election, writes Dana Allin.



Dana Allin

Turkey looks to Europe and US to help stabilise its wounded economy (IISS)

With the prospect of a deep recession looming, Turkey’s President Erdogan is under significant pressure to resuscitate his country’s economy. But accepting external assistance is not always straightforward, explains Dan Arbell.


Dan Arbell