China’s naval shipbuilding: delivering on its ambition in a big way (Nick Childs, IISS)

China’s recent fleet review showcased the country’s impressive and accelerating naval shipbuilding output. In the last four years, China has launched naval vessels equivalent to or greater than the total fleet tonnages of many of the world’s major established naval powers.

Italy: renewed focus on overseas deployments by IISS

The Italian military is taking on a greater role in Africa, while reducing its presence in Asia and the Middle East.

By Amanda Lapo, Research Analyst, Defence and Military Analysis Programme

Mega dam on the Nile shifts regional dynamics by IISS

Leaders in Addis Ababa hope the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam can transform the country’s fortunes. But the project has caused alarm downriver.

By Caitlin Vito, Coordinator for the Deputy Director-General’s Office