United Nations urges greater commitment to refugee resettlement (INFOMIGRANTS)

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, says less than five percent of refugees in urgent need of resettlement last year were moved to safety. The agency has repeated a call for governments around the world to offer more resettlement opportunities.


Violent protests do not mean asylum, say Greek authorities (INFOMIGRANTS)

Greece’s government has hardened its position after protests by migrants at the Moria camp on Lesbos demanding “freedom and asylum”. On Monday, a group of around 300 migrants marched to the village of Moria clashing with police who used tear gas to try to disperse the crowds.


Germany: Half of refugees find jobs within five years (INFOMIGRANTS)

Integration and German language courses are improving refugees’ chances of finding work, a new study has revealed. However, gender imbalance and the quality of employment are still issues.


Bosnia, ‘migration is also a security problem’ (INFOMIGRANTS)

The Bosnian government is calling on the European Union to recognize that the migratory crisis in Bosnia “must not be treated only as a humanitarian question, but also as a security crisis”.


French police clear migrant camp in the north of Paris (INFOMIGRANTS)

A camp in the north of Paris was cleared by French police on Tuesday morning. Police said it was the “last one” to be cleared in the city. The more than 420 residents of the camp were taken to halls and welcome centers around the capital.


Migrant arrivals increase in Spain’s Canary Islands (INFOMIGRANTS)

The number of migrants arriving in the Spanish Canary Islands increased last month to 18 times the number in January 2019, the AFP news agency reports. However, fewer migrants are trying to reach mainland Spain by boat.


‘We see ourselves as a voice for all migrants’ (INFOMIGRANTS)

A unique migrant health center in Cologne has become a kind of one-stop shop for advice for migrants from all over Germany. The center’s director, Musa Deli, gave InfoMigrants an insight into the center and its work.


Emma Wallis