Possible Changes in China’s Nuclear Policy and the Significance for Arms Control (INSS)

Will the escalation between China and the United States spill over to the world of nuclear weapons, following the Pentagon’s report on China’s intention to double its nuclear force? How will the damage to the global arms control regimes affect the Middle East, and how should Israel prepare for this contingency?


Eyal Propper

Islam in the Service of Peace: Religious Aspects of the Abraham Accord (INSS)

Does normalization with Israel safeguards the fundamental goals of Islamic law, or is it “a knife in the back of the Muslims”? It depends whom you ask: not only has the historic agreement between Israel and the UAE sparked a political debate between the UAE and its adversaries in the Middle East, but it has also ignited a fierce religious debate. The Israeli leadership would do well to pay attention to this religious dialectic.


Ofir WinterYoel Guzansky

Existential Threat Scenarios to the State of Israel (INSS)

During its more than seventy years of existence, the State of Israel has developed impressive military, economic, and diplomatic strengths; has become an undeniable fact; and has been recognized by some of its neighbors. Nonetheless, despite its impressive achievements, Israel still continues to cope with security challenges, including enemies who call for and seek its destruction. This study provides a contemporary analysis of the severe potential threats that could endanger the physical existence of the State of Israel, the functioning of its essential systems, and its unique identity of being a Jewish and democratic state.


Ofir Winter