The Upheaval in Syria Opens the Door for Iranian Attack (BESA Center)

The latest upheaval in northeastern Syria caused by Turkey’s invasion, and the division of the Syrian plunder among Turkey, the Assad regime, and Russia, presents Iran with new avenues for building up attack capabilities and further destabilizing the region.


Finding evidence of undeclared past nuclear activity in Iran shows the IAEA process is working (IISS)

With the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) having recently concluded that traces of undeclared radioactive material were indeed found at a warehouse in Tehran, Mark Fitzpatrick argues the IAEA investigative process is working. A cooperative approach is the best way to provide for the greater access to suspect sites in Iran the IAEA needs if it is to resolve the issue.


Mark Fitzpatrick

Iran’s FM urges US to stop selling arms to rogue states (IRNA)

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on Wednesday condemned the US policies in support of aggressors, arguing that Iran as a victim of such policies had no choice but to develope their own defense capacities.

FM Spox: Iran helps foreign tanker in Persian Gulf (IRNA)

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Iran offered help to a foreign tanker with technical failure in territorial waters, adding that the routine practice of helping vessels in the Persian Gulf is going on.