Sanctions and the End of Trans-Atlanticism. Iran, Russia, and the Unintended Division of the West (IFRI)

Les sanctions secondaires sont devenues l’instrument principal de découplage des objectifs politiques poursuivis par les États-Unis et l’Union européenne vis-à-vis de l’Iran et de la Fédération de Russie.

Rawi ABDELAL, Aurélie BROS

Israel’s Strikes in Syria Hurt Iran’s Purse (BESA Center)

Israel’s air force has been unrelenting in its determination to prevent the introduction by Iran into Syria of a massive supply of precision-guided missiles to be used against Israel. The IAF is also striking consistently and forcefully at Tehran’s attempts to establish a local Iranian-run weapons armament industry in Syria. With these efforts, Israel is forcing Iran to take these projects underground. That is an expensive proposition—and all the more difficult following the reimposition of US sanctions.


Iran, Pakistan agree to cooperate on Human Rights at world forums (IRNA)

Iran and Pakistan have agreed to enhance cooperation on human rights at all international forums while emphasizing the need for exchange of experiences among all Muslim states on human rights.

US-Iran: What’s Next in This Conflict? (Valdai Discussion Club)

With Iran’s “tit for tat” policy in attacking the American military bases in Iraq after the assassination of Major General Gassem Soliemani, the commander of Iran’s Quds force, it seems that both Iran and the U.S. have entered a de-escalation phase.

Kayhan Barzegar

US Sanctions Against Iran: New Escalation (Valdai Discussion Club)

Escalation of the US-Iranian conflict in early January 2020 led to yet another wave of American sanctions against Iran. Washington avoided a military response to Iran’s ballistic missile attacks on US military facilities in Iraq. Tehran positioned these attacks as a reply to the murder of General Qassem Soleimani. Tension seriously exacerbated. However, eventually the Americans decided against using force but instead increased pressure on Iran with more sanctions.

Ivan Timofeev