After Latest Turn, is Muqtada al-Sadr Losing Influence in Iraq? (Chatham House)

The populist cleric has repositioned himself in Iraqi politics multiple times, but his recent shift against youth-led protestors may signal his decline as an autonomous political force.

Dr Renad Mansour, Ben Robin-D’Cruz

Iraq’s Protest Movement Is an Existential Challenge for the Political Elite (World Politics Review)

Anti-government protesters in Iraq have spent more than four months calling for political and economic reforms and venting their anger at the failure of successive governments to provide better living standards and economic opportunities. Security forces, caught off-guard by the strength and resilience of the youth-driven protest movement, have responded with a campaign of repression that has killed more than 600 people and wounded tens of thousands more across the country. But the crackdown has only intensified the crisis, as Iraqis continue to take to the streets demanding justice for slain demonstrators and reforms of the political system.

Sajad Jiyad is the managing director of Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies, an independent think tank based in Baghdad. Follow him on Twitter @SajadJiyad.

Iran and Muqtada al-Sadr’s alliance against the revolution in Iraq (openDemocracy)

Iraq’s uprising is unmasking all the sectarian leaders attempting to ride the revolutionary wave.

Zeidon Alkinani

Belgian minister visits Iraq to discuss bilateral ties, regional issues (Global Times)

Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defense Philippe Goffin on Monday visited Iraq’s capital Baghdad to discuss bilateral relations, fighting against terrorism and other issues.

No talks with Iraq yet on removing US troops: official (Al Arabiya)

The United States has not yet entered into talks with Iraq on the removal of US troops from the country, as demanded by the Iraqi parliament, a senior US official said Thursday.

Iran informed Iraq of missile attacks in advance: MFA spox (IRNA)

Spokesman of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abbas Mousavi said on Monday that Tehran had Informed Iraqi government in advance about Iran’s retaliatory missile attacks on two US bases in Iraq.