Japan in the 2019 G20 and G7 Summits: A Key Partner for Europe? (IFRI)

This essay offers a general assessment of Japan’s performance in the 2019 G20 and G7 Summits, held respectively in Osaka, Japan and Biarritz, France and looks at how Tokyo coordinated with its European partners (The European Union (EU) institutions and the EU Member States) in these international settings.


Céline PAJON

U.S.–Japan Alliance Conference (Brookings, Rand Corporation)

Since late 2017, the United States and Japan, together with Australia and India, have resumed meeting in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue. The forum is designed to enable the four countries—prospectively with other future partners to join later—to explore opportunities for security and defense dialogue and cooperation. Around the same time, Japan’s vision of a “free and open Indo-Pacific” (FOIP) regional order was embraced by the Trump administration, which began articulating a FOIP strategy as the successor to the Obama administration’s “pivot” or “rebalance” to the Asia-Pacific.


by Scott W. HaroldTanvi MadanNatalie Sambhi