Japonaise et militaire ? La féminisation des professions de défense au Japon (IFRI)

Depuis plusieurs années, les Forces d’autodéfense japonaises (FAD), comme la plupart de leurs homologues étrangères, ont amorcé un lent mais constant processus de féminisation, auquel le gouvernement Abe entend donner une nouvelle impulsion.



S. Korea proposes probe by int’l body over strategic materials handling issue (Global Times)

South Korea’s presidential National Security Office (NSO) on Friday proposed to Japan that the two countries jointly ask an international body to probe into the handling of strategic materials by both countries after Japan’s indication of South Korea having illegally smuggled the materials to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).


The depths of Tokyo’s strategic dilemma (East Asia Forum)

Shinzo Abe made a two-day state visit to China in October 2018, the first in seven years by a Japanese prime minister. Tokyo and Beijing agreed on three principles during the visit: to move from competition towards cooperation, to avoid becoming threats to one another, and to promote a free and fair global trade regime.

The depths of Tokyo’s strategic dilemma

Ryo Sahashi, Kanagawa University

How do city leaders get things done? Learning from mayors in Japan by World Bank blogs

The task of mayors and city leaders is no longer limited to providing efficient urban services to their citizens. Job creation is at the forefront of the economic development challenge globally. Cities need jobs and opportunities for their citizens and the means to generate tax revenues to fund projects that meet their populations’ growing demand for basic services. The WBG flagship report on Competitive Cities outlines how creating jobs in urban areas – urgently but also at scale– is essential