LATIN AMERICA – Regional Action Group for Latin America Public-Private Cooperation to Reactivate the Region’s Economy: Critical Industries and Strategic Investments (WEF)

Sink or Swim: Latin America’s Biggest Companies See Meager Help in Mega-stimulus (Wilson Center)

The Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged Latin American economies, throwing tens of millions of people out of work and crushing the livelihoods of informal workers who make up half the region’s labor force.  In response, most governments in the region have swiftly imposed quarantines, invested in struggling health care systems, and provided emergency support to vulnerable communities with little or no savings and small businesses with limited access to loans.



Revealed: US-linked anti-abortion centres ‘lie’ and ‘scare women’ across Latin America (openDemocracy)

Lawmakers in Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina demand action following “truly scandalous” misinformation revealed by openDemocracy.

Isabella Cota

Russia’s Disinformation War Reaches Latin America, Challenging U.S. Influence (World Politics Review)

When a wave of popular protests erupted across South America last year, a number of officials in the region claimed the unrest was being promoted by a “foreign hand.” No one argued that the protest movements, from Chile to Colombia, were created entirely or even ignited by outside powers, but leaders like Chilean President Sebastian Pinera suggested the possibility that someone outside the region was pouring fuel on the fire.

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