A Grave Crisis, With No Silver Bullet (Carnegie Middle East Center)

As Lebanon begins negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, the two sides will have to find the least painful path to adjustment in the country.



Easing Syrian Refugees’ Plight in Lebanon (ICG)

Most Syrian refugees in Lebanon have thought many times about going home but in the end deemed the risks too great. Donors should increase aid allowing the Lebanese government to continue hosting the Syrians, so that any decision they make to leave is truly voluntary.



Unprecedented Economic Crisis in Lebanon: Is There an Alternative? (Valdai Discussion Club)

Lebanon has a new government. It is formed of technocrats, most of whom are beholden to traditional Lebanese political parties.


Randa Slim

Lebanon at a turning point (Al Arabiya)

Endemic and persistent corruption, mismanagement, gross mal-governance, and failure to address Lebanon’s economic, social, and environmental challenges have driven protestors to throng the streets amidst bank closures, payment restrictions, and foreign exchange controls.


By Dr. Nasser Saidi

Hezbollah gets its way with new Lebanese government (Al Arabiya)

Almost a month after being designated Prime Minister by Hezbollah and its allies, Hassan Diab unveiled his 20-member cabinet; to the majority of Lebanese, Diab is an utter disappointment.


By Makram Rabah

Lebanon will slide into violence unless the elite chooses political reform (Al Arabiya)

Lebanon risks sliding into prolonged chaos and violent conflict unless the political elite manages to update the post-civil war political system based on sectarian power-sharing.


Ryan Bohl (@Ryan_Bohl) is a Middle East and North Africa analyst at Stratfor.

New gov’t needed urgently to avoid collapse: Lebanon’s Hariri (Al Arabiya)

Lebanon needs to urgently form a new government to get out of a cycle of collapse that has repercussions for the country’s economic and security situation, caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri tweeted on Monday.


Lebanon president to chair crisis talks over weekend violence (Al Arabiya)

Lebanon’s under-fire president is set to meet Monday with top security officials to discuss rare violence over the weekend that left hundreds wounded in the protest-hit country.


Syria and Lebanon: Confusion and mixed signals by Al Arabiya

Several developments took place in the Arab World last week, reflecting the danger behind misreading both regional and international changes. That has been especially the case in Syria and Lebanon, where local players have been confused in reading the situations and positioning themselves… from Sochi to Beirut!


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