Will Hariri’s next cabinet include Hezbollah members? (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

I’ve previously written an article here about Hezbollah that sips at the heart of the Lebanese state. Today, Hezbollah is a blacklisted terrorist group. What can be concluded from this recent Saudi-Emirati-American stance is that there’s no difference this group’s militant wing and its politicians and merchants. It’s on this basis that those funding Hezbollah are being pursued, according to the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center.


Who really cares about Palestine? (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

Palestine is the cause which has been deceitfully exploited the most in the Arab world and the Middle East in general. The Turkish and Iranian elements have also become involved.


Was there ever a unified Arab stance towards Iran? (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

American President Donald Trump’s harsh blow by withdrawing from the “bad” agreement with the Iranian regime shocked many parties across the world and turned heads.


A fast-paced, ever-learning Saudi Arabia (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

Almost every week, there is a news piece on Saudi Arabia that has to do with sculpting a renewed image of life in this vast country that’s rich with diversity.


The Iranian nuclear bomb (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

Israel dropped a political bombshell when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exposed the Iranian regime’s deceit to the world. The European group and the administration of the fading Barack Obama were the first to be deceived by Iran’s “secret” nuclear military program.


The new UN envoy’s almost impossible mission with the Houthis (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

Does the new UN special envoy have a plan for Yemen that differs from that of his predecessors’? Asharq Al-Awsat has learnt from high-ranking sources that the most important features of the new plan of UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths includes “withdrawing arms and planning a transitional phase that includes Houthi participation in the government and ends with elections.”


Enlightening conquest of ‘legendary’ Iraqi, Syrian snipers (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

The very “limited” American-French-British airstrikes on targets that are linked to Syrian chemical weapons were not deterred by Russian rockets or Iranian or Assad defense systems. This is a clear truth.


Will Arabs intervene militarily in Syria? (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

No matter what happens in Syria, can Russians and Iranians remain stuck to the idea that Assad should remain in power forever or that ‘it’s either Assad or nothing’, which are the most popular regime slogans sprayed on the walls of Damascus and Syria, or whatever is left of these walls?