The BBC exposes Qatar (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

What’s new about the latest BBC report about Qatar’s conscious and planned funding of an exquisite formation of terror groups, both Sunni and Shiite, in Iraq and Syria is that it’s issued by the BBC itself. There are also a few additional interesting details.

The madness of telecommunications revolution (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

Making calls via the internet at the beginning of the internet era required an office and a desktop. One would make the call and then wait while hearing the ringing tone that resembled the ringtone of the fax which people no longer use.

Dr. Bashar and comrade Kim, passion and revenge (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad decided to visit “wise leader of outstanding political caliber” Kim Jong-Un. This generous description of the Korean leader was made by Bashar himself, according to the news agency of comrade Kim.

Obama’s Netflix deal and ‘digital’ Hillary (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

Hillary Clinton, who had lost in the presidential elections against Donald Trump, did not hesitate to voice her desire to be the CEO of Facebook, the most famous social media platform.

Will Hariri’s next cabinet include Hezbollah members? (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

I’ve previously written an article here about Hezbollah that sips at the heart of the Lebanese state. Today, Hezbollah is a blacklisted terrorist group. What can be concluded from this recent Saudi-Emirati-American stance is that there’s no difference this group’s militant wing and its politicians and merchants. It’s on this basis that those funding Hezbollah are being pursued, according to the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center.

Who really cares about Palestine? (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

Palestine is the cause which has been deceitfully exploited the most in the Arab world and the Middle East in general. The Turkish and Iranian elements have also become involved.

Was there ever a unified Arab stance towards Iran? (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

American President Donald Trump’s harsh blow by withdrawing from the “bad” agreement with the Iranian regime shocked many parties across the world and turned heads.

A fast-paced, ever-learning Saudi Arabia (Mashari Althaydi, Al Arabiya)

Almost every week, there is a news piece on Saudi Arabia that has to do with sculpting a renewed image of life in this vast country that’s rich with diversity.